What Makes the vivo V30 Pro Well-Rounded for Content Creation

What Makes the vivo V30 Pro Well-Rounded for Content Creation

If the standard V30 is great, the V30 Pro takes things up a notch when it comes to content creation. By adding a telephoto camera, better internals, and Zeiss co-engineering, we think that the V30 Pro has all the tools needed to make it a versatile mid-range phone for content creation.


We’ve used the V30 Pro for two weeks, and here are all the things we like about it:

FOUR 50-megapixel cameras

If the standard V30 was already impressive with three 50-megapixel cameras, the V30 Pro steps it up further by having a total of four 50-megapixel cameras in its arsenal. Aside from a bigger IMX920 sensor for the main camera, you also get an additional IMX816 sensor for the 2x telephoto camera.

With the high resolution all three cameras have to offer, the V30 Pro offers stellar camera performance across all focal lengths, making it a great phone to have for travel photography.

All three cameras have excellent low-light performance as well, and all of the photos we took both in the Philippines and Thailand turned out to be impressive for a mid-range device.


Zeiss Natural Color

One of the perks of the V30 Pro’s Zeiss co-engineering is the option to use Zeiss color science when taking photos. This gives you less saturated colors that are more true to life, making your photos look like they were taken using a mirrorless camera. 

Aside from the trademark Zeiss color science, the V30 Pro’s portrait mode gives you access to different Zeiss bokeh options inspired by some of the German lensmaker’s iconic lens designs. 

These Zeiss-exclusive features allow you to push your creative boundaries with the V30 Pro especially if you love photography.


Up to 4K60 recording on all cameras

We think that the V30 Pro is an X series phone on all but name with what its cameras are capable of. Aside from having four 50-megapixel cameras, all of those cameras have autofocus AND the ability to shoot 4K video at up to 60FPS.


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That’s a big deal for content creators, as the V30 Pro allow you to utilize the ultra-wide and telephoto cameras for 4K video recording–which is rare to find on any mid-range phone.


Aura Light has MORE uses

Making its debut with the V27, the Aura Light is vivo’s solution for providing flattering lighting when taking portraits. While its original intention is for photos, the V30 Pro allows you to maximize Aura Light 3.0 as a video light with adjustable color temperature.


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To prove this, we shot a quick unboxing of a product using only the V30 Pro and the Aura Light 3.0–and the results are impressive. This makes the V30 Pro a complete phone for shooting professionally-taken videos, as its Aura Light 3.0 gives you a good amount of lighting for most use cases.


Powerful internals to boot

All of those great camera hardware is supported by equally powerful internals. With the V30 Pro, you get a Dimensity 8200 processor that’s paired with 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and 512GB UFS 3.1 storage, giving you top-tier performance that also translates to quicker processing times and faster editing workflows–especially if you want to edit videos on the go.

Aside from its powerful internals, the V30 Pro also has a 5000mAh battery–an impressive feat considering that it’s 7.5mm thin–and 80w charging, allowing you to quickly top it up so that you can keep on shooting moments on the go.


The vivo V30 Pro is priced at Php 34,999. You can buy the V30 Pro at vivo’s official website and official Lazada and Shopee stores. 



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