Lazada Online Revolution’s Best Deal: Lenovo Phab Plus for Php4,999

The Lazada Online Revolution sale is still on-going and we’ve listed 7 awesome gadget deals under Php1,000 as well as the iPhone 5S 32GB mega price drop. We’ve been scouring the site for great deals and ultimately we’ve come to this one — the Lenovo Phab Plus 32GB. This is a ridiculously great deal. For […]

ASUS Zenfone 3 Laser Review: The True Mid-range Zenfone 3?

While we stand by our review of the 5.5-inch Zenfone 3 we doled out a few months ago, a lot of people balked at the idea of paying for an essentially mid-range smartphone at near flagship prices. And while we don’t necessarily agree that the Zenfone 3 is overpriced, we do understand people’s hesitation at […]

Motorola Moto Z Review: A Modular Phone That Doesn’t Suck

Modularity has been a dream of phone manufacturers ever since the first smartphone rolled out of the assembly line. Being able to swap components around sounds like a great idea, on paper. In practice though, making a phone modular is no easy feat – even Alphabet Co’s Google threw in the towel in their quest […]

A Week With The LG V20: The Most Underrated Flagship Ever?

It’s the Phone You Can Abuse Because it Can Take it We’ve been using a Korean telecom unit of the LG V20 as our daily driver for the last week (loaned to us by LG Philippines). After thoroughly abusing it as much as we can for a little over a week, we’ve come to an […]

Motorola Moto Z Initial Review: Modularity Done Right

Modularity in phones has long been a pipe dream for many people and manufacturers. And why wouldn’t it be – the allure of simply swapping parts to make your phone do specialist stuff is a great idea. And while LG may have been the first company to take a stab at the whole swappable module […]

Cherry Mobile Flare X2 Initial Review: Worthy Successor?

Cherry Mobile’s original Flare X is one of the most successful phones that the company has ever produced. Even until now, more than a year after it’s release, it’s still a phone that’s being sought in stores. Today Cherry Mobile has released the successor to the Flare X, simply named the Flare X2. To say […]

Cloudfone Next Review: Is This Your “Next” Smartphone?

It’s been a week since we’ve gotten our review unit for the Cloudfone Next, more than enough time to put the device through its paces and really see what the latest flagship device from the local brand can really do. Is it worth its Php 9,999 price tag? We’re hoping this review will help you […]

Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL Are Now Official

Google has officially taken the wraps off of their worst kept secret to date: the Pixel and Pixel XL. The two new phones are the first phones that’s designed and built by Google. Yup, you heard that right – Google is now officially a hardware manufacturer, much like another American company, Apple. Google Pixel 2.15GHz […]

CloudFone Next Unboxing And Initial Review: Your Next Phone?

A few months ago CloudFone allowed us a sneak peek at their upcoming flagship, the Next. We’ve written about the phone when we first encountered it back in May, and now, 5 months after seeing the first prototype we finally have a retail example to play with. Before we dive into the device a second time, […]

MediaTek to Unveil the 3.0GHz Helio X35 Deca-Core Processor

The neverending smartphone SoC arms race rages on, as MediaTek enters a new challenger into the fray, the overclocked Helio X35 deca-core processor. Earlier, Unbox reported that MediaTek was planning to unveil their new Helio X30 chipset next year. According to online rumors, the X35 is expected to be released alongside it. Related: MediaTek Unveils the […]

ASUS Zenfone 3 Max Review: More Than Just A Glorified Powerbank

For most people, the biggest consideration when buying a phone isn’t how fast it is or how pretty it looks – the biggest concern of a growing number of gadget lovers is battery life. It makes sense – your fast, pretty phone means diddly squat when it doesn’t have the legs to last till the […]

ASUS Zenfone 3 Ultra Review: Is That Gigantic Screen Worth It?

Phablets are here to stay and despite the ergonomic drawbacks of phones with big screens, people still buy them. The allure of big screens have always driven manufacturers to make bigger and bigger phones. ASUS takes that logic to the extreme, which has resulted in a device that’s more tablet than phone. The Zenfone 3 Ultra is undeniably […]