ACER Swift 5 Hands-on: The Lightest 15-inch Notebook In The World

by Lea Cruz  May 24, 2018


We got some hands on time with the lightest 15-inch notebook in the world! Well, kinda

Anybody who has ever carried a notebook for event coverage will tell you that ounces equals pounds and pounds equals pain. The heavier the notebook you carry, the worse it feels on your back (or on your shoulders) as the day goes on, and that goes double if you’re a small Asian woman. But if you were trudging around ACER’s new Swift 5 notebook, that probably won’t be a problem since it’s supposed to be the lightest 15-inch notebook in the world.

At just 2.2 pounds (or around 0.9 kilos for us who don’t live in freedomland) it is insanely light. Light enough that you can slip it in your bag or comically oversized purse that you wouldn’t develop extra muscles from carrying it around all day.

ACER used a magnesium lithium alloy on the top and bottom cover to lighten up the Swift 5, with magnesium-alumimum alloys making up the palm rest. The combination of alloys give the device its ridiculously low weight.

To be clear the unit on display during the ACER@Next event wasn’t a working unit – it was just a dummy – but it approximated the weight of the final product. The notebook also had tremendously small bezels (around 5.87mm) for a 15-inch notebook, giving the full HD IPS display a screen to body ratio of approximately 87.6 percent.

Despite the lightweight nature of the Swift 5, it’ll come with a full suite of ports on the side so you’re not hurting for a place to plug in your phone and other accessories.

Powering the notebook is an 8th-gen Intel Core processor – which processor ultimately depends on how much you want to spend. You can also stuff in up to 1TB of SSD storage and up to 16GB of RAM inside, though again it depends on the configuration and how much coin you want to drop.

No price has been set as of yet for the notebook.

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