Cherry Mobile Explorer 2 Unboxing And Second Impressions: First In The World

by John Nieves  May 26, 2016

Cherry Mobile Explorer 2 01

We unbox Cherry Mobile’s Explorer 2!

A few months ago we gave you guys an early look at Cherry Mobile’s second action camera, the Explorer 2. Instead of packing incremental features into the new device and calling it a day, the local brand made the bold choice of stuffing an Android operating system and a touchscreen in the Explorer 2, making it the first Android-powered action camera in the world. Not too shabby for a local brand.

And while we gave you a closer look at the camera back in March, we weren’t sure what kind of freebies it would come with considering the original had a massive amount of accessories for the price that you paid for it. That changes now. Let’s take a quick look at the box and packaging of the camera:

Cherry Mobile Explorer 2 02

Packaging and contents

The Explorer 2 comes in pretty much the same packaging as the previous device did – big, rectangular acrylic box showing the camera, its water-resistant case and the specs of the device.

Cherry Mobile Explorer 2 03

Once you tear the camera from its acrylic container, you’ll see the camera, the water resistant case and loads of accessories for it, which includes a special suction cup mount for cars, as well as a bike mount. It’s not as plentiful as the previous iteration but for the price, you’re still getting a lot.

Cherry Mobile Explorer 2 06

Initial impressions, part deux: Livestream your commute

We’ve gone through our initial impressions with the Explorer 2 back in March when we first saw it, but if you’re not a fan of backreading, it’s essentially an Android-powered action camera. The addition of Android to the mix makes the camera more versatile than your ordinary action cam.

Cherry Mobile Explorer 2 07

Not only can you immediately post photos and videos taken with the camera without having to transfer them to your PC or whatever, you can also use the camera as a livestreaming device if you want to, as long as you have a good enough internet connection.

Cherry Mobile Explorer 2 08

Putting the camera side by side with the original, you’ll see that it’s slightly bigger and wider.

Cherry Mobile Explorer 2 04

Additionally, it’s obvious from the comparison image that it won’t fit in the original’s water-resistant case because of the button placement and overall size.

Cherry Mobile didn’t put a dashboard mount in the package just for fun – there’s a dedicated car mode in the camera that automatically deletes previous clips so you can use it as a dashcam. Unfortunately it also cuts off the microphone, which may come in handy if unscrupulous traffic enforces try to ask you to bribe them over an infraction. Hopefully Cherry Mobile can send out an OTA for the option to turn on the mic while using the camera in car mode for that.

As for image quality, we’ve tested the camera before, so we’re simply linking our video test above that we took using full HD. Now we’ll be taking out the Explorer 2 with us during our yearly pilgrimage to Taiwan for COMPUTEX and we’ll be using the livestreaming capabilities of this camera during our time there, so stay tuned.

Cherry Mobile Explorer 2 05

The Cherry Mobile Explorer 2 retails for Php 5,999.

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