Divoom iTour-Rock Review

Divoom iTour-Rock Review

Divoom iTour-Rock Review

Review: Divoom iTour Rock

There are a lot of cheap portable speakers available in various stalls in Greenhills for under Php500 but most of them break down easily and they have ridiculously crappy sound quality. This is because they speakers have inferior materials and drivers primarily because the manufacturers want to sell it for the cheapest possible price. If you’re the type that really needs portable speakers (people who present video on-the-go or you just like music), you’re better off investing in the Divoom iTour-Rock (Php1,100).

It looks funky

The most obvious thing you’ll notice from this product is the design. It’s not your usual mono-color hamburger-type speakers. It actually has an edge to it because of the color scheme as well as the design of the top and lower portions. If you want portable speakers that have personality then look no further! This one’s a winner, hehe.

At the top you’ll find the micro metal driver which pumps out the audio. There’s an LED light at the bottom and near that is the “Link Out Jack”. You can actually get several iTour-Rock speakers and link them all together via this port.

At the bottom you’ll find the audio-in jack which you can easily plug into your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. When not in use you can just push it back in it’s storing slot (there are sunken curves that can accommodate it at the bottom). The on/off button is also located there.

It sounds great

When it comes to the acoustics, the Divoom iTour-Rock is no slouch. For it’s small size you can get a lot of this because of the digital amplifier processor built into the device. It also pumps out decent bass due to the PO-Bass technology. Audio is quite clear and mids are pretty detailed despite the small size. With this in mind you can already say that the Divoom iTour-Rock is great for personal consumption of media, like when you’re in your office cubicle or home work desk. It’s also good for intimate gatherings wherein you just need to get some mood music going.

Php1,100 for the Divoom iTour-Rock

Like what we said earlier, there are much more cheaper portable speakers in the market but most of them are really bad. With the Divoom iTour-Rock you pay more but you get a much better product that will last you much longer. If you’re the type that really needs portable speakers we strongly suggest you just go for this one instead.

The Divoom iTour-Rock is already available in most gadget stores in malls. For more information you can visit their Facebook Page here.



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