Keep Your Valuables Safe with Philips’ Smart Safe Boxes

Keep Your Valuables Safe with Philips’ Smart Safe Boxes

In terms of keeping your valuables safe at home, investing on a good safe box is a great option. Philips has different models of its Smart Safe Box to cater to different user’s needs–and all of them provide unparalleled protection for your most valuable possessions.

Whether it involves jewelries, financial documents, stock certificates or other equities, business contracts, patents, legal documents, ownership titles, insurance policies or cash, a Philips Smart Safe Box is there to keep them safe and sound with state-of-the-art security features that include a tamper-proof construction and smart integration with any home environment.


Philips offers four Smart Safe Box models to cater to everyone’s needs. There’s the SBX301 that has a furniture-like design that makes for a great replacement for a bedside table while keeping your valuables secure. It also supports wireless charging for your gadgets, doubling its purpose. 

Those after added durability can opt for the SBX501, which is crafted from low-carbon alloy steel and advanced fire-resistant materials that makes it safe against fire incidents. You also get a digital keypad, a handle-free design, and an automatic door opening for added convenience.

The SBX602 features a fingerprint-enabled telescopic handle for advanced security, along with WiFi connectivity and dual authentication mode for the best possible security.

The SBX702, on the other hand, has both keyless unlocking and 2 independent locking systems: the first one supports both fingerprint and PIN codes, while the backup system is there for emergency use and supports only PIN codes.

The official prices of these Philips Smart Safe Boxes are as follows:

  • SBX702 – Php 350,000
  • SBX602 – Php 110,000 – Php 155,000 (depending on size)
  • SBX501 – Php 75,000 – Php 155,000 (depending on size)
  • SBX301 – Php 45,000



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