Geneva Hi-Fi Speakers Model S Review: Sound Nirvana in a Compact Box

Geneva Hi-Fi Speakers Model S Review: Sound Nirvana in a Compact Box

Kick ass speakers!
Kick ass speakers!

Geneva S Hi-Fi Speakers

The Geneva Model S Hi-Fi Speakers completely blew our minds away. It has checkmarks on all the boxes in any compact sound system that we want: style, foot print, outstanding sound quality, wireless capability, FM frequency, alarm clock function, and even an intuitive classy iPod-like light control interface! This is by far the best speakers we’ve ever reviewed and we highly recommend it to all of our readers. The only drawback really is the price but based on a lot of audio gear we’ve reviewed in the past this one is worth every centavo!

Geneva Model S Hi-Fi Speakers Spec Sheet

  • 2 Full Range 3-inch Drivers
  • 2 Bass Ports with Dynamic Loudness
  • 2 Class D Digital Amplifiers
  • Digital FM Radio with 6 presets
  • Digital clock with alarm
  • LED Display
  • iPod/iPhone Universal Dock (Not Lightning)
  • TouchLight Controls
  • Remote Control
  • Table stand in Brushed Aluminum Finish
  • Width × height × depth: 23.5 cm × 14.9 cm × 17.6 cm (9.2″ × 5.8″ × 6.9″)
  • Weight: 3.35 kg (7.4 pounds)
  • SRP: Php15,800

Built and Designed to Impress


The makers of the Geneva Model S Hi-Fi Speakers definitely were artists. The mono-color glossy body looks amazing! Add to that the brushed aluminum finish metal table stand and you have an Apple-caliber designed speakers. The input/output are neatly situated at the back beneath the drivers: FM antenna, standard audio jack, and power cable.

What’s interesting though is what’s on top. First we have the universal iPhone/iPod dock. Note that this is the old 30-pin Apple dock and not the new Lightning one. What’s cool about this is that when you’re not using the iPod/iPhone option it actually folds inwards (closes). If you switch to iPod mode then it suddenly flips upwards! Coolness. Other than the dock we also have their intuitive and ridiculously cool TouchLight control system. It’s like they traced the usual iPod control layout with light and it subtly glows just beside the dock. Geekasm.

Reeks of awesomeness.
Reeks of awesomeness.
Free bluetooth receiver!
Free bluetooth receiver!

The universal dock also serves as the connector for the Bluetooth receiver (comes free with the unit). Just plug it in and it should start broadcasting a bluetooth signal that you can connect to with your smartphone, tablet, iPod, or laptop. Wireless or wired you can connect to the Geneva Model S Hi-Fi Speakers!

Sound Quality: Best in Class

No metz.
No metz.

What completely won us over though was the sound quality. The “HiFi” in this stereo’s name isn’t just for show. We tried a variety of genres and they were all delivered superbly.

First we hit up some tracks from Bruno Mars. We were floored by the deep bass, pristine vocals, and the highly detailed full range of instruments complimenting the vocals. Every layer of the track was dug out beautifully. This was the case both for the wired and wireless connections.

We then switched to faster metallic tracks — Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive collaboration with Kendrick Lamar. Everything from the thunderous slamming of the drums to the pristine strumming of the strings came out very well. In the fast paced parts of the song when everything is loud you can still differentiate the instruments and layers. At high volumes it’s still compact and doesn’t get distorted. The build up of Kendrick’s solo with the drums leading to the explosion of instruments and vocals by Imagine Dragons at the end was just… epic.

We tested both the wireless and wired and to the train and discerning ear the difference is still night and day. Wired trumps wireless. However the wireless audio is still very much respectable, something that a lot of other wireless speakers can’t match.

It’s Worth Every Peso

If you’re looking for the ultimate audio solution for your music that’s not a home theater system, the Geneva Model S HiFi Speakers is arguably one of the very best you can get. If we had a rating system here on Unbox we would actually give this one a perfect 10/10 score. It’s that damn good.



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