Infinix Note 10 Pro 2022 Review Philippines: Better with Upgrades

by Duey Guison  March 3, 2022

Review Verdict: The 2022 version of the Infinix Note 10 Pro comes with upgrades on the processor and storage side making it an excellent bang-for-the-buck phablet in the Philippines, as long as you can tolerate some of the its software kinks.


  • Powerful processor for the price range
  • Affordable for a phone with 256GB storage


  • Uninstallable bloatware
  • XOS needs further optimization

Infinix Note 10 Pro (2022) Review Philippines specs

  • MediaTek Helio G95 processor
  • 256GB UFS 2.2 internal storage, expandable via microSD
  • 6.95-inch Full HD+ IPS display, 90hz refresh rate, 180hz touch response rate
  • 64-megapixel f/1.8 main camera, 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, 2-megapixel mono camera, 2-megapixel depth-sensing camera, LED flash
  • 16-megapixel camera
  • LTE, 4G
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, side-mounted fingerprint scanner
  • DTS Audio, Stereo speakers
  • 33w charging
  • 5000mAh battery
  • Android 11, XOS 7.6

Infinix updates the Note 10 Pro for 2022 with a more powerful processor and doubles the internal storage compared to the 2021 iteration while keeping the design and rest of the features practically the same as last year’s model. It’s an iterative upgrade, but one that improves the phone’s performance and usability quite a bit. 


Like the 2021 model, the Note 10 Pro is one massive phone that is best used with two hands even if you have larger than usual mitts. Despite being physically large and packing a 5000mAh battery inside, the phone is relatively slim.

You still get a dual-tone finish for the polycarbonate back panel, and its glossy finish means that it is a fingerprint magnet–using the included case is very necessary so that you avoid smudging the otherwise premium-looking back panel.

You get a headphone jack, USB-C port, and loudspeaker at the bottom, volume controls and power button (that also works as a fingerprint scanner) on the right side, and a SIM card tray on the left side. The earpiece also works as a speaker.


As one of the biggest phones in the market, the Note 10 Pro 2022’s main bragging right is a 6.95-inch Full HD+ IPS panel with a 90hz refresh rate and 180hz touch response rate. The former is meant to give you a smoother scrolling experience, while the latter makes it more responsive when playing games.

While it is not as vibrant as OLED panels, or is the brightest screen in its class, the Note 10 Pro 2022’s display is usable for outdoors and still makes it great for consuming content from Netflix in Full HD. Adding to the multimedia experience are stereo speakers, which sound loud and clear even if you go beyond 50% of the volume range.


Like the 2021 version, you get the same quad-rear camera setup that’s led by a 64-megapixel main camera, 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and a pair of 2-megapixel cameras.

The main camera performed very well, providing a good amount of detail and decent color accuracy even when you use the phone’s 2x zoom feature.

While the versatility of the main camera is evident even in low light, the same cannot be said with the ultra-wide-angle camera. While it manages to keep up with the colors of the main camera in daylight, shots using the ultra-wide-angle camera in low-light resulted in muddy photos with a considerable loss in detail.

Like the 2021 version, you can record 4K video at 30FPS and Full HD at up to 60FPS, making the Note 10 Pro 2022 usable as a vlogging tool.

Internals and Battery Life

The main difference between the 2021 and 2022 model of the Note 10 Pro is in the processor, where you get a Helio G95 instead of a Helio G90T. While the difference is not that much felt in CPU benchmarks, the improvements on using a Helio G95 are seen in GPU benchmarks, where it delivers a notable increase in performance for GPU-related tasks. 

With games, the Helio G95 is in a rather unique spot as it lets you play Genshin Impact in medium graphics settings by default. A number of mid-range MediaTek chips (including 5G-ready ones like the Dimensity 800U) usually default to low or lowest graphics settings, making the Note 10 Pro 2022 one of the most affordable phones you can buy for pure gaming performance.

Despite the improved performance with its processor of choice, along with more internal storage to boot, the Note 10 Pro 2022 has its fair share of kinks with its software. One of the things that are annoying with Infinix’s XOS overlay is that it has a considerable amount of bloatware that you cannot uninstall. In addition, XOS does have its fair share of optimization-related kinks with WiFi connectivity and brightness control.

During my time with it, the Note 10 Pro 2022 tends to switch WiFi networks too often (while my personal phone did not exhibit a similar issue), and that brightness does not adapt immediately with changing lighting conditions, causing me to manually adjust the brightness.

These kinks are most likely software-related, and Infinix can address this through software updates.

Despite having a huge 90hz display, the Note 10 Pro 2022’s 5000mAh battery can last you through the day, with PCMark’s battery test giving us a battery life result of over 10 hours with 90hz refresh rate enabled. Topping up the battery should be relatively fast, as the Note 10 Pro 2022 retains the same 33w charging solution used by its predecessor. 

Wrap up and Conclusions

With a Php 2k premium and incremental upgrades, the 2022 version of the Infinix Note 11 Pro still holds the fort as one of the most affordable big phones you can buy in the Philippines with decent specs. While XOS has its fair share of kinks, we’re optimistic that Infinix will address these in a future update.

Infinix Note 10 Pro 2022 Review Philippines Price

The Note 10 Pro (2022) is available at the official Infinix Shopee store for Php 11,990.


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