Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

The official Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and you do a lot of typing on it then you might want to consider getting this extraordinary case from Samsung called the Bluetooth Keyboard Case. Without adding to much bulk and weight this accessory gives you a fully sized, easy-to-type-on, and portable bluetooth keyboard that you can easily connect to your Galaxy Tab. It also has a kickstand so you can use it to prop your Tab when you’re watching your favorite movie while in the coffee shop.

Here are a few more photos. Don’t forget to read the captions!

Look at how thin the Tab still is despite the case!
Open it up and you have the full sized bluetooth keyboard!
The keys are easy to click unlike the cheap rubbery bluetooth keyboards you get in Greenhills. Note that the keyboard also has custom Android keys for easy use 😀


We’ve been using this case for the last week and we’re pretty impressed with it. The case is ideal for people who do a lot of typing on their Galaxy Tab — maybe for e-mails, articles, or reports. In the absence of an Ultrabook or MacBook Air this is the perfect companion for students, reporters, and writers. As a blogger I primarily used it to create draft articles which I’d then send over to myself via gmail or Evernote and then just copy paste it on WordPress on my MacBook later on for additional edits and embedding of supporting media like photos and videos.

The only drawback is the price. This isn’t a cheap case. You’ll have to fork over Php5,500 for it but that’s actually already a good price since some retailers sell it for more than Php6,000. If you want to get it at this price just head over to IntoGadgets at the 3rd Floor of Vmall, Greenhills. Try to haggle! Who knows? You might get a discount. 🙂



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