Sudio Ett TWS Earbuds Review: Premium Buds for Indoor Use

Sudio Ett TWS Earbuds Review: Premium Buds for Indoor Use

Review Verdict: As a top-end offering, the Sudio Ett has that luxe feel from the case to the earbuds, especially considering its rivals in the Philippines. The Swedish company carefully designed the earbuds to strike a perfect balance between form and function, with the physical buttons working very well.

While its ANC feature does a good job in filtering noise, they are best used indoors, as the Ett struggles to deal with interference with outdoor use. 


  • Unique case and earbud design
  • Responsive physical buttons
  • ANC does a decent job in filtering noise


  • Weak against interference
  • Limited to SBC codecs

Sudio is known for its beautifully designed wireless audio products, with many of its offerings looking incredibly premium considering what you pay for them. That’s the case with their Ett TWS earbuds with active noise cancellation. With its premium looks and stylish design, is Sudio’s premium offering a compelling pick for under Php 9k?


The Ett opts for a square design for its case that has gentle curves to make it look modern. The Sudio branding is embossed on the front, with LED indicator lights below it. The USB-C port is on the right side, while you get a faux leather strap on the right side.

The Ett is available in five different color options, with the Pink one standing out the most. You get a rubbery matte finish for both the case and earbuds.  While the finish is resistant to smudges, it can be a dirt magnet at times.

The earbuds have a rather thick main body, though they have ergonomic curves to ensure a good fit. Unlike the Nio, the Ett makes use of physical buttons, which is better than touch controls by a mile. You get a short stem and a metallic end, with the bottom part of the stem housing the charging pins. Like the case, you have the same rubbery matte finish on the earbuds.

User Interface and Fit

Pairing the Ett is straightforward: all you have to do is simply take the earbuds off the case, then your phone will detect them when they are ready for pairing.

Having physical touch controls on a pair of TWS earbuds is almost always better than capacitive controls or gestures, as they ensure that you are activating the right commands for them. The same goes for the Ett: the physical buttons on each earbud controlled music playback very well, and noise cancellation was easy to activate on the fly.

Being a company that focuses a lot on design, Sudio gave a nice ergonomic design on the Ett such that they don’t really feel bulky when wearing them–even if the earbuds themselves are actually bigger than your usual pair of TWS. And while most earbuds have several silicone tips included in the package to ensure proper fit, Sudio is particularly generous with the Ett, as it bundles it with eight(!) different ear tips to ensure that you are getting the best fit.

However, my main problem with the Ett is that it is vulnerable to external interference. While using them for my daily walk with the dogs, the Ett kept on dropping its signal regardless of the phone it was paired to. The signal drop is especially bad especially near power lines, where I could not listen to my music for a few seconds.

I tried using my other TWS earbuds and walk the same route if I encountered the same problem, and it appeared that only the Ett had interference issues. The problem was evident when using them outdoors, but it is a different story when using them indoors: the connection was smooth and stable despite being several meters away from my phone.

Audio Quality and Battery Life

Interference issues aside, the Ett has a warm and balanced soundstage that gives good detail throughout the whole range. It may not shine specifically on the lows, mids, or highs, but I honestly prefer a balanced soundstage as it means that the Ett can handle practically any music genre you throw at it and give justice to those tracks.

The same soundstage applies even when ANC is activated. With noise cancellation, the Ett filters a good amount of noise–when using indoors, the ANC feature is good enough to filter noise coming from a fan or an aircon unit.

Despite being Sudio’s top-end offering, I find it strange that the Ett is limited to an SBC codec. Given its asking price, I’d expect It to come with at least aptX. This is something Sudio can look at, and I hope they add more audio codecs to their audio products in the future.

As for battery life, the Ett is rated for up to 6 hours of use with ANC off and up to 4 hours with ANC on. With the charging case, the Ett can last for up to 20 hours if you keep on using ANC or 30 hours if you don’t use ANC. Those figures are pretty decent especially if you are on a long-haul flight and want to focus on your music (or the video you are watching).

Battery top-ups are done via a USB Type-C connector or wireless charging, with the former delivering fast speeds and the latter giving you added convenience–especially if you have a phone that has reverse wireless charging.

Wrap up and Conclusions

Our review of the Sudio Ett for the Philippines shows that the Swedish company did a good job as far are design, ergonomics, and overall audio quality is concerned–but falls a bit short when it comes to supported audio codecs and the reliability of its wireless connection. Because of its bad reception when using them outdoors, the Ett is a pair of premium TWS earbuds that is best used indoors or inside a vehicle when traveling.

These shortcomings are things Sudio should take note of with their future offerings, especially since they pretty much nailed the overall design and soundstage.

Sudio Ett Review Philippines Price

The Ett is priced at Php 8,200 and can be purchased via Sudio’s online store. To get 15% off (bringing down the price to Php 6,970), make sure to include the coupon code unboxph15 upon checkout.



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