TDK ST-800 Headphones Review

by  September 1, 2011

TDK ST-800 Headphones Review

TDK ST-800 Reviewed

The TDK ST-800 looks very stylish with its leather and metal finish. This headphone comes with two unique and interesting features; the first is the volume knob on the right ear cup and second is the little EQ remote halfway down the cord. On the right ear cup you find what seems to be the design, but if you’re the curious type and start rotating it, you’ll be surprised it actually rotates. This is the volume knob. This built in volume knob is very useful especially if you don’t like reaching for your audio device to constantly raise and lower the volume. The EQ gives you the freedom of tweaking the bass and treble. The built in EQ combined with the EQ of your audio device can give you the sound you’re looking for. The EQ of the TDK ST-800 however is dependent on 2 AAA batteries which are placed in the left ear cup. And because it is halfway down the cord, if you’re on the move and forget to clip it to your pocket, this little remote will start swinging and possibly slamming into things around you.

Mean retro-style cans!

These cans because of the in-line EQ have a very warm sound. Because of the interplay of noise isolation and EQ, you get to enjoy your music in its true splendor. Every instrument and element is very clear. Even when the volume is maxed (which we don’t suggest you do for your eardrum’s sake), the quality of your music is kept safe. These cans don’t give you that screechy sound (peaking sound) you get when you maximize other earphones/speakers. However, I wish the EQ allowed you to also tweak the mid frequencies.

Volume control! Cool!

Overall, with a price of around P 6,000 and given the features, I think it’s a pretty good buy. I may not use it for a walk due to its size, but I would use it at home while working or just reading a book. I would say this set of cans can satisfy the audiophile in you. Especially if you want your extra bass and/or treble boost.

Go Dodge.

In summary…


  • Stylish design
  • It has its own EQ
  • Very good sound quality for the price!


  • Battery dependent
  • Quite big and heavy; not that portable even if it has a pouch

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