Top Budget TWS Earbuds in the Philippines (2024)

Top Budget TWS Earbuds in the Philippines (2024)

With more devices ditching the good ‘ol headphone jack, wireless audio is seen as the solution to this. Popularized by Apple’s AirPods, there are a lot of TWS earbuds to choose from, and those on a budget can get a good pair for under Php 4k.

We curated our top budget TWS earbuds you can buy in the Philippines this 2024. Our list is a healthy mix of newly-released models to a couple of older models that still offer great value.

Top Budget TWS Earbuds in the Philippines (2024)

Redmi Buds 5 Pro

If you love listening to Hi-Res audio, the Redmi Buds 5 Pro is a solid pick as it is one of the very few TWS earbuds that have the LDAC codec. This codec is better than aptX and SBC as it allows for streaming high-bitrate audio wirelessly. This budget TWS earbuds are great if you have an Apple Music subscription–discerning ears can notice the difference in audio quality between regular streaming and Hi-Res audio streaming.


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realme Buds Air 5

The Buds Air 3 offered great audio quality at the under Php 4k price point, and realme took things one step further with the Buds Air 5. Building on the excellent audio quality of its predecessor, the Buds Air 5 shines with its noise cancellation performance, where it can filter as much as 50db. We’ve been using them as our daily driver for working, and the Buds Air 5’s noise cancellation performance is arguably the best in its class.


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Moondrop Nekocake

Chinese HiFi, or Chi-Fi in short, is an interesting sub-genre for budget audiophile products, and Moondrop is one of the best brands to try out for first-timers. We recommend the Nekocake, as these classy-looking budget TWS earbuds shine with their balanced soundstage–giving you good, punchy bass while maintaining the overall warmth of the songs you’re listening to.


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1More Colorbuds

1More is another ChiFi brand that’s worth trying out, and the ColorBuds are a unique pair of TWS earbuds for using armatures instead of the usual drivers to make them very compact. While you don’t get ANC, the ColorBuds’ balanced armature design gives you the most detailed soundstage on a pair of budget TWS earbuds. When we tried them back in 2020, the ColorBuds managed to bring in the smaller details in the music we’re listening to–and you get that kind of audio quality for just under Php 4k!


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Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Since you can get them for 50% off these days, the Galaxy Buds2 have the most minimalist design for a pair of TWS earbuds. Despite its looks and tiny size, they have responsive touch controls for both music playback and volume controls, along with a dual driver to give you that balanced soundstage. On top of that, the Galaxy Buds2’s ANC and transparency modes are excellent–and even better with its new under Php 4k price tag.


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That sums up our top budget TWS earbuds in the Philippines for 2024. Are there models that we missed out and should try in the future? Let us know!



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