Unboxing the Aiaiai TMA-1 Headphones with Mic

Unboxing the Aiaiai TMA-1 Headphones with Mic

The AIAIAI TMA-1 hooked up to the Samsung Galaxy S3. What a combo.

Unboxing the Aiaiai TMA-1 Headphones with Mic

A few months ago the local distributor of Aiaiai launched a refreshed version of their best selling headphones, the TMA-1. The new model came bundled with a cable with an in-line remote control and microphone which makes the cans go really well with your smartphone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, etc). We currently have a review unit and we finally came around to unboxing it a few days ago. We’ll do the full review in a few days. Anyway let’s unbox this babeh!


What a big box, lol!

Aiaiai definitely didn’t hold back when it came to packaging. The box of the TMA-1 is quite huge compared to other headphones. You get a big black box with embossed multiple Aiaiai logos. There’s a strip of carton with the product details wrapped around it that you can easily slip off when you start unboxing.

The TMA-1! Beautiful!

When you open the box you’ll be greeted by the TMA-01 elegantly resting on a bed of foam. The cans are completely black giving it a very sleek and premium look. The actual design is also very stylish which just increases the over-all appeal of the product. Aiaiai definitely put a lot of thought and effort into this particular headphone!

What else is in the box?
Before we get to our initial impressions of the actual headphone, let’s quickly go over the other contents of the box.

Wow lots of stuff inside.

Inside you’ll find a zipper silver pouch, two detachable cables (one with mic and the other one a coiled cable), manuals, and extra ear pads. Basically everything you need is there.

Initial Impressions on the Headphones Build and the Sound Quality

Unlike a lot of other headphones the TMA-1 has no springs or metal joints. The black finish and the design actually gives the impression that it’s just one block of nylon molded into headphones (which is kinda cool). The semi-leather ear-pads are comfortable to wear and you won’t get any ear fatigue even after 2-3 hours of listening to your favorite tracks.

The ear cups are also adjustable. You just have to pull it down or up to get the perfect fit for your head.

The TMA-1 is also one tough cookie. We tried bending and “abusing” the headband and it’s definitely sturdy and flexible which means you can just throw this in the bag. Better if you put it in the pouch though before you do, lol.

When it comes to the sound signature, the TMA-1 was made for DJ’s so the quality is definitely way up there. From our initial listening the cans have a forward character with tight bass, good vocals, and clear detail. What does this translate to in non-audiophile language? Well almost everything will sound amazing even if you don’t use a portable amplifier.

While the Aiaiai TMA-1 was initially made for DJ’s we can definitely recommend it as portable cans for just about everyone. The good sound quality combined with the stylish and sturdy build makes it a viable option for music-loving people who listen mostly on their smartphones.

Pricing and Availability

The TMA-1 is available in various branches of Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, and Digital Walker. We don’t have the exact SRP but it should be in the Php8,800-Php9,000 range (will verify and edit the post when we confirm).

Two thumbs up for the TMA-1!



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