We Take the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Camera Out for a Spin in the Google PH Office

We Take the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Camera Out for a Spin in the Google PH Office

Is it Flagship Caliber?

I’ve been using the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 as our daily driver ever since I did the unboxing and quick review a few days ago. One of the things I wanted to test was the camera because the first generation Mi Mix had a horrible one compared to its contemporary flagship competitors.

How’s the Main Camera?

Let’s start with the rear-facing camera. The Mi Mix 2 packs a 12.0-megapixel shooter with a Sony IMX386 lens that has f/2.0 aperture and 4-axis optical stabilization. The long and short of it is that it can take excellent photos in good lighting but it does have issues in low light (noise levels escalate quickly) and harsh lighting (color washing).

Here are the sample photos that we took:

We spent an afternoon at the Google Philippines office so here are some pictures that you might enjoy!
The colors of the Google logo are a bit washed out. Easy to fix with some post editing but it would have been nice to have better color reproduction at the onset.
Taken at the Google PH Cafeteria (yes they serve free food). Bokeh is good!
Feeling food blogger so I took a few flat lay shots.
And another flat lay…
Cupcakes are LIFE. As you guys can see with good lighting the primary camera does pretty well.
The Google PH office has a lot of Kenneth Cobonpue furniture. In fact it kinda looks like his showroom already, hehe.
Our lunch earlier today from Slice BGC.
A night shot. Noise levels are up and detail is lost significantly.

We’ll share more photos during our full review which should come out next week.

How is it for Selfies?

Now let’s get to the front-facing camera. This is where it goes downhill because this is the worst selfie-shooter that we’ve seen. Even the front-facing shooters of smartphones half the price do a better job. The 5.0-megapixel snapper is entry-level at best.

Picture with the wifey. The lighting here isn’t even that bad and the shot is already pixilated.
Selfie at the Google PH office lobby. Notice how the camera is having a problem dealing with the light coming from the window. That’s not even super bright daylight.
Dinner date at Mamou Rockwell with the wife. You guys should check out their Kurobota Sinigang. Super panalo. Same noise issues as previous pics.
A little too much software beautification don’t you think?
Selfie with Android Manny

By the way, as we mentioned in our previous post, the front-facing camera of the Mi Mix 2 is in the lower right hand corner of the device. To take selfies you need to hold the phone upside down so that the camera is on the upper left corner. The default camera software is able to adjust and the photos taken are just like from any other selfie shooter. The problem is that camera apps of IG Stories, Snapchat, and Facebook don’t automatically adjust. You will probably need to take the shot with the default camera app and upload via the Gallery button of your preferred social media platform.

That’s it for now! Watch out for our full review in a few days. We’re almost done with the usual barrage of tests that we do.

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