Since gasoline and diesel these days are horrendously expensive (despite a handful of measly price rollbacks), fuel efficiency are the buzzwords of the moment.

That’s why riding two-wheels are quite in demand today. Now boys from Yamaha has a clear idea of what’s today’s budget-conscious motorists need. And so it launched the newest street creed of underbone bikes—the 2011 Yamaha Sniper MX.

New ergonomic designs showcase Yamaha’s remarkable craftsmanship. To begin with, the front has an all-new mask that brings to mind the familiar “Blade Design” made more athletic and aerodynamic in appeal. The Sniper is distinctly different from any other moped with the blade design’s double concept: “designed for performance” and “a sharp form that expresses a slicing motion”.

The exterior has been designed to express Sniper MX’s Top class performance among mopeds.

The new design was adopted for the front area that expresses a sense of arrogance while its front surface was designed to suggest the shoulder muscles of an animal—accentuating the two-eyed headlight for an even more sense of confidence. If these Snipers had wings and ordnance, they could probably be mistaken for stealth bombers!

For the rear fender, an inner type fender that moves with the movement of the rear wheel has been adopted—a first for the Asean market. This highlights the presence of the larger rear tire while providing good mud splatter protection.

To make it more comfortable, the new Yamaha Sniper MX handlebar has been moved about 5 mm closer to the rider. Its footrests have also been slightly adjusted to the rear for easy compact, with the advantage of a slight forward incline. Its sleek form was designed to ensure excellent riding dynamics and deliver unprecedented performance.

The liquid-cooled engine ensures stability when the temperature raises, giving a sense of stability when riding at high speed and produces minimal vibrations.

Speaking of power, Yamaha Sniper MX’s liquid-cooled engine ensures stability when temperature rises, giving a sense of balance when riding at high speed, while producing minimal vibrations.

From low to top speed and in all types of condition, its 4-valve SOHC type engine is sure to give that calm low speed performance, with a comfortable acceleration feeling. This enables the engine to produce higher torque and gives the rider a better volumetric efficiency.

Sniper MX new fresh meter panel

Its 135cc engine was specially designed to meet all the needs of every rider. Compared to other motorcycles, the new Sniper MX has been tested to have better acceleration for long drives even on topspeed.

For the rear fender, an inner type fender that moves with the movement of the rear wheel has been adopted.

With all these state-of-the-art technology and combinations, there is definitely no wonder why Sniper MX is Yamaha’s flagship model. It is available in three different colors of black metallic, gold metallic and deep red metallic.



Overall length


Overall width


Overall height


Seat height




Minimum ground clearance


Engine Performance
Engine type

Liquid cooled 4-stroke,SOHC,4-valve

Cylinder arrangement

Single cylinder


134.4 cm

Bore & stroke

54.0mm x 58.7mm

Maximum horse power


Maximum torque

12.14 Nm(5500r/min)

Fuel tank capacity


Price Php. 92,000




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