Top 5 Smartphones Under P30,000 in the Philippines (1st Half Of 2020)

Top 5 Smartphones Under P30,000 in the Philippines (1st Half Of 2020)

Limited new options for the under Php 30K price segment

While there have been a lot of new phones released under the Php 10K and 20K price range despite the global health emergency, it’s really been slim pickings for the Php 20K to 30K price segment. Brands have understandably delayed releases for upper mid-range phones until the health emergency has passed, so we’ll be peppering this list with solid value phones released last year.

Samsung Galaxy A71 – Php 22,990

The Galaxy A71 is undoubtedly a pretty phone, and is a great choice if you’re not willing to pay through the nose for the Korean chaebol’s flagship offerings. The phone certainly looks a lot like Samsung’s flagship S-series, though disappointingly is clad in Glassticmarketing speak for plastic with a glossy finish.

Despite that though, the Galaxy A71 has a great-looking Super AMOLED panel, a punch-hole notch, capable Snapdragon 730G processor, and a massive 64-megapixel shooter, paired with 3 other cameras.

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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 – 25,490

If you’ve always wanted to have a phone with a massive 108-megapixel sensor but don’t want to shell out Php 50K+ for the privilege, then you can always settle for Xiaomi’s Mi Note 10. This phone has a massive 108-megapixel camera stuck on the rear for really great shots – which makes it a great buy if you’re looking for a device with a great camera.

Huawei P30 – Php 26,990

The Huawei P30 is getting a little long in the tooth, especially if you consider that the P40 has already been released in the country. That being said, Huawei’s previous flagship phone is still a good buy in 2020, since it still has one of the best cameras on a phone, and the processor package isn’t that bad either.

The P30 still also gets Google Play since it’s unaffected by Huawei’s spat with the US, so if you’re on the hunt for a great device for not a lot of cash, them the P30 might just be for you.


OPPO Reno3 Pro – Php 29,990

The OPPO Reno3 Pro is the improved version of OPPO’s new mid-range phone, and has a few key improvements over the regular version.

You’re looking at a slightly better screen, a depth sensor with the selfie camera, and more importantly, a 64-megapixel sensor instead of a 48-megapixel one on the vanilla Reno3.

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OnePlus 7T – Php 29,990

Another great phone from last year is the OnePlus 7T. Thanks to the six-month release cadence for the brand, the OnePlus 7T is still a solid and powerful smartphone despite the release of the company’s newest flagship.

That Snapdragon 855 Plus processor is still plenty powerful, and the loss of 5G capability compared to the new variant isn’t really a big deal considering that 5G isn’t as widespread as it should be in 2020. It also takes great photos, and that 90Hz refresh rate really does wonders for the overall fluidity of the user experience.

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