Unbox’s Ten Top Deals From Lazada

Looking for a great deal? Check out these 10 items on Lazada Everyone’s always on a hunt for a great deal, especially when it comes to gadgets. Not all of us have the cash to splurge on a gadget with the full SRP, so a lot us actually hunt for deals online. We’ve been checking […]

OnePlus One Meets H20, Doesn’t Immediately Die

Is the OnePlus One water resistant too? We’ve all been waiting for the OnePlus One, that delicious, sub $300 (Php 13164) Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor equipped smartphone to reach the Philippines, and a recent video of it meeting H20 isn’t making it easy. A lucky owner of the new Snapdragon 801 equipped smartphone has decided to see […]

Xiaomi Mi 3 Unboxing: A Flagship Done Right

We unbox the Xiaomi Mi 3! We’ve been hotly anticipating our review device of Xiaomi’s current flagship, the Mi 3, ever since the company announced that they’d be sending out review units when we talked to them last Monday. We’ve finally taken posession of the Mi 3, and today we’ll be unboxing it for you […]

Xiaomi Mi 3 Hands-on: Beautifully Crafted, Impressively Specc’d Smartphone

We go hands-on with Xiaomi’s current flagship! Earlier today we talked with Xiaomi Global VP Hugo Barra. Aside from talking about strategy and the phones that they will offer, we also got to try their latest flagship device, the Mi 3. The Mi 3 is touted by Hugo as the fastest Android smartphone when it […]

LG G3 Finally Official

After countless leaks, the G3 is officially announced After so many leaks about the device, we can officially declare the LG G3 as the worst kept secret in tech for 2014. Not that it matters of course, since the G3 boasts some incredibly solid specifications that make us forgive LG for deciding to reveal it […]

Cherry Mobile Omega Icon Unboxing: Fast, Premium Looking Smartphone That Won’t Break the Bank

We unbox the Cherry Mobile Omega Icon! A bunch of goodies just arrived at the Unbox HQ yesterday evening, one of them being Cherry Mobile’s latest smartphone, the Omega Icon. The Omega Icon is notable for a few things, namely it’s one of the new batches of CM phones that use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 200 proccessor. […]

Microsoft Devices Launches Lumia 630 in PH

Meet the first ever dual-SIM Lumia! Earlier this week, the guys at Microsoft Devices had their first product launch. Of course these are still the same guys from the Nokia Philippines team but ever since the whole Microsoft takeover that’s officially what they’re calling themselves now. And while the change in the logo and name […]

LG G Pro 2 Review: Is LG’s Newest Phablet Worth It?

Full review of the LG G Pro 2! LG’s G Pro 2 is an interesting proposition. It’s quite obviously the most expensive device in LG’s current Android lineup (at least until the G3 rolls around) and is the biggest in terms of size. Despite the obvious physical size discrepancy, the G Pro 2 is identical […]

LG G2 Mini Review: LG’s Latest Mini Can Go The Distance

Full review of the G2 Mini! It’s a trend that many of us are all too familiar with: when brands see that their full sized flagships sell well, they make smaller, less capable versions of them, slap them with a moniker distinguishing it from their flagship (usually by denoting it as a mini, or lite) […]

LG G Pro 2 Hands-On, First Impressions: Fantabulous Phablet

We get some quality time with the LG G Pro 2! A few days ago LG officially launched their newest phablet, the G Pro 2 here in the Philippines. While we’ve managed to get a review unit of the G2 Mini early, the G Pro 2 eluded us for quite a bit until we finally […]

Nokia X Review: An Android Phone Masquerading as Windows

Nokia’s first ever Android smartphone is a step in the right direction Nokia has always had a place in most Filipino’s hearts, especially with yuppies who grew up with the Finnish brand. While it doesn’t seem that way now, there was a time where close to 80% of all mobile phones being sold in the […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Benchmarked in AnTuTu

Blistering performance from Samsung’s newest flagship We’ve managed to get a blackbox version of the Galaxy S5 during the local Samsung Unpacked event here today, and as is our custom, we immediately installed AnTuTu inside the device to see what it’s capable of. As expected from Samsung’s newest flagship, it scored high marks in AnTuTu, […]