Lenovo ThinkPhone: Business Phone with a Carbon Fiber-like Back

Lenovo expands the Think family further with its own business phone called the ThinkPhone. Lenovo has an extensive portfolio of business-oriented products under the Think line. There’s the legendary ThinkPad, along with desktops like the ThinkCentre and laptop variants like the ThinkBook. Lenovo is one of the few brands that believe in business-oriented products, which […]

Intel Might Lay Off 20,000+ Employees In PC Industry Slump

Whatever goes up, must come down. This is a common law of the world but also applies to economic trends. Despite being a giant of a tech company, Intel is faced with the reality of having to lay off thousands of employees to keep operations afloat, according to a report by Bloomberg. We deep dive […]

Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 Review: A ThinkPad for Everyone

Verdict: Lenovo’s decision to use Team Red’s Ryzen PRO processors for its ThinkPad ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 business laptops didn’t just make them more affordable —they made them more powerful too. While we would have liked more USB Type-C ports, its stellar battery life, and excellent performance make it a great option for businesses looking for […]

5 Key Tech Trends from CES 2020 That Will Affect the Philippines

The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the biggest annual global tech events. After reporting live from the show floor the last few days and talking to several key executives and analysts, here are 5 key tech trends that will potentially impact the Philippines in 2020-2025. 1. New Laptops Will Take Aim at Smartphones Smartphones […]

When Laptops Strike Back Against Smartphones & Tablets

For the last decade, the laptop has been the punching bag of new mobile computing devices such as the smartphone and the tablet. As smartphones became more powerful, they also became thinner and had bigger screens. This paved the way to more tasks being offloaded from laptops to phones which caused the relevance of laptops […]

Lenovo Legion Might Be the Next Gaming Smartphone Brand to Watch Out

Another one joins the competition Taking inspiration from ASUS ROG and Razer, Lenovo Legion is set to join the gaming smartphone wars this 2020. Recently, a verified Weibo account just popped up, showcasing MoBA gameplay clips—this alone fuels speculation that Lenovo is working on a Legion-branded gaming smartphone for 2020. We do not know what […]

Lenovo will be selling Smartphones to the Philippines Next Year

The Moto RAZR foldable might be sold locally as well It may be Christmas today, but we got word from Lenovo Philippines that they will be selling smartphones once again starting first quarter of next year. It has been two years since the last time Lenovo launched a phone in the Philippines, and the brand […]