vivo X21 Review: A taste of the future

vivo’s new phone is an odd mix of the new and the old Imagine a phone that’s able to scan your fingerprints through a display. Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, for vivo, fiction becomes reality with their X21 smartphone. The X21 is the first production smartphone to have a fingerprint sensor embedded under the […]

Honor 10: First Shots In Saigon

Here are camera samples out of the Honor 10’s camera! Pinoys are spoilt for choice when it comes to budget flagship devices this year. There’s a veritable glut of phones available from brands like Xiaomi, ASUS and OnePlus that delivers the goods, and are all priced under Php 30K. Adding to the pile is the […]

OnePlus 6 Review: Best For Less?

We review the OnePlus 6! OnePlus has always maintained that their phones offered the most bang for your buck, giving you the speed you need without draining your bank account. But that promise usually came with a bunch of compromises: a camera that was good but not great, a feature set that lacks whiz-bang features […]

The Honor 10 Is Coming To The Philippines

It finally launched for the rest of the world! Huawei’s Honor sub-brand officially launched their flagship smartphone a few weeks ago in China, but the company only released it to the rest of the world yesterday. The Honor 10 sports many of the same features and hardware that comes in Huawei’s pricier P20 flagship sans […]

OPPO Announces Online-Only Realme Sub-Brand

To rival Xiaomi and Huawei’s Honor sub-brand In efforts of expanding its business, OPPO wants a stake in the e-commerce business by launching the Realme sub-brand in India. Slated to be an Amazon India exclusive for now, OPPO’s Realme sub-brand follows the online-only business model Huawei’s Honor and Xiaomi (in India). Its first model, the […]

April 2018 Review Recap: Pushing Limitations?

Welcome to the future! While we reviewed a bunch of mid-range phones from Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, and ASUS, this month is highlighted with Huawei’s triple rear camera-sporting P20 Pro. Aside from the insane 40-megapixel primary sensor, what made the P20 Pro noteworthy was its potential to deliver photos that rival a mid-range DSLR or even […]

OnePlus Starts Teasing The OnePlus 6, Possible Tie Up With Marvel For Avengers Phone

Will we see a new flagship killer sooner rather than later? OnePlus usually keeps their next flagship killer close to their vest until after companies like Samsung, Huawei, Sony announce theirs for greater effect. Now that MWC is over and Huawei has unveiled their new hotness, it’s time for the Chinese company to start teasing […]

Smart Successfully Tests WiFi Calling

No need for a strong signal to make a call Smart is kicking off April by announcing they’ve managed to successfully test and make a voice call over WiFi through their network. Made possibly with its technology partner Huawei Technologies Inc., the Voice over WiFi (VoWifi) is distinctly different from other voice calling apps that […]

March 2018 Review Recap: The Mid-Range Wars Just Got Intense

A battle between good features at a competitive price For the month of March, we got to review a bunch of new mid-range phones, and all of them are pretty competitive, both in price and in features. The same can be said for the budget phones, especially with Xiaomi’s official return to the Philippines. Not […]

The P20 Pro’s Third Camera Can Apparently Do 3X Zoom

As confirmed by their own teaser video The March 27 date for the reveal of Huawei’s P20 family is nearing, and the company is wasting no time hyping the heck out of their upcoming phones. Two new promo videos show off the camera prowess of the top-of-the-line model, which is expected to be the P20 […]

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review: No Notch Needed

Samsung has once again made the best Android smartphone currently available This year’s current crop of flagships have been polarizing, to say the least. While we all openly mocked Apple’s decision to use a prominent notch on top of on otherwise handsome looking full-screen panel, little did we know that the next generation of flagships […]

February 2018 Review Recap: MWC 2018 Frenzy

It’s all about that MWC 2018 craze! While we were busy covering all the phones that were released during MWC 2018, we also reviewed a few devices along the way. Aside from phones, we got to review two laptops, a smartwatch, and even a robot kit! Check out the products we have reviewed last February: […]