5 Top Features of The Honor 8X

5 Top Features of The Honor 8X

Here’s why the Honor 8X can stand out of a saturated crowd

Honor’s newest phone, the 8X, is in for a fight. The newest mid-range phone from Huawei’s sub-brand is going up against several other similarly specc’d devices in the highly lucrative mid-range category.

But the Honor 8X has a lot of things going for it that’ll tip the scales in its favor. Things like:


A generous 6.5-inch display

The Honor 8X’s main selling point is its display: at 6.5 inches, it had a bigger than average screen to work and play with. Browsing through emails and social media is a breeze, and its full HD+ resolution gives you the best possible viewing experience for watching videos or playing games.

Its big battery

With a display that big, it makes sense that it comes with an equally big battery. The Honor 8X’s 3750mAh battery is large enough to power it through the day without adding additional weight to the phone. If you manage to drain that generous battery capacity, fast charging quickly gets you back into action, which means less waiting at the power outlet for your phone to fully charge.

A capable processor

The Honor 8X has pretty powerful innards for a mid-range phone: a Kirin 710 chipset paired with 4GB of RAM and a choice of either 64GB or 128GB of storage. Along with GPU Boost, the hardware is good enough to run most Android games without any issues.

The unique glass back design

The Honor 8X has a different approach to its glass back. Instead of going for gradient or etched finishes, Honor opted for a two-toned effect on the Honor 8X. The finish showcases two different textures: a grained texture on the left side, and Honor’s trademark pattern effect on the right.

Decent cameras

The Honor 8X is no slouch in the photography department: armed with a 20-megapixel f/1.8 and 2-megapixel rear cameras, the Honor 8X shoots stellar photos as seen with the snaps we took in Thailand. AI scene detection helps the Honor 8X’s cameras process photos better and manage exposure well even in tricky lighting situations.



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