The LG 2017 OLED TV: A Full Cinematic Experience Right at Your Own Home

Sit down, relax and enjoy the show – that is exactly what we can expect from the LG 2017 OLED TV series. It has 10 different models all equipped with Active HDR and Dolby Atmos sound that turns it into a complete entertainment hub. In fact, the 77-inch variant received a 2017 CES Best Innovation […]

LG G6 Hands-on, Initial Review: Back To Basics

LG has finally unveiled their latest flagship in Barcelona, Spain for Mobile World Congress yesterday, and it couldn’t be more different from last year’s model. Instead of making a phone centered around something new and risky like modular accessories, the Korean company instead focused on iteration, settling for a safe (and relatively boring) phone with […]

MTRCB Chief Wants To Start Regulating Movies On The Internet

Newly appointed Movie and Television Review and Classification Board Chairwoman Rachel Arenas is looking into regulating movies not shown on in cinemas but are currently accessible on the internet. According to a report on the Philippine Star, Arenas, who was appointed at the beginning of the month wants the MTRCB to regulate the internet app […]

DeVant AVC400 65-inch Curved 4K TV Review: An Attainable 4K TV

If you’ve been lusting for a curved, 4K TV, your options are limited and expensive: Samsung’s top-tier models cost around 200K which is par for the course for LG as well. But don’t despair, as there’s a better, affordable option (if buying something that approaches 100K can be considered affordable) if you really want to […]

Linksys’ New WRT32X Router Optimizes Your Wireless Network For Gaming

If you’re a gamer that shares a wireless network with heavy-use, video-streaming users and you don’t have the expertise or willingness to play around with pfSense or your router’s firmware config for “reliable gaming latency”, then Linksys has a new product just for your special needs – the new WRT32X wireless router. Linksys, in a […]

Amazon Prime Video Service Now Available In PH, 200 Other Countries

There’s another streaming service available in town: Amazon has just announced that it has expanded its Prime Video service into 200 countries and territories, including the Philippines. The Prime Video service is one of Netflix’s main competitors in the US, with a catalouge of both original TV shows like the Grand Tour from ex Top […]

MyPhone Wants To Give People Cheaper Phones (By Showing Ads)

Before Netflix or any kind of streaming service was a thing, TV was free. Well, not entirely free – you still had to buy an actual TV set, but all the channels on it were free before cable TV and Netflix was a thing. This was possible because of ads – you get to watch […]

The Best Alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (RIP) Is…

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 got recalled and it literally is now dead. There are several top-tier flagships either in the market or about to enter it that will try to position themselves as alternatives. However all of them don’t have one thing that the Galaxy Note series is really famous for — the […]

Opera’s Desktop Browser Now Has an Unlimited VPN Built-In

That’s right boys and girls. Opera has updated its desktop browser to include an unlimited VPN. It was already in a sort of trial phase a few months back when users could try out the built-in VPN with the browser by installing the developer version of the software. If you currently run Opera on your […]

IFA 2016: Lenovo’s Yoga Book Has A Keyboard You Can Sketch On

While tablets are on a decline, hybrid devices and 2-in-1s are climbing the sales charts. But since everybody and their dog are making their own version of the hybrid computer, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find one that has a new feature we can all get excited about. Leave it to Chinese manufacturer Lenovo then, to […]

Top 10 Trailers from San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing and if you managed to miss all the awesome trailers for blockbuster movies hitting our cinemas in the coming months, like: DC’s Wonder Woman and Justice League, and hit TV shows, like: DareDevil, Luke Cage, and The Walking Dead, we’ve compiled them for you — Because, the awesomeness […]

Immersive Visuals with the Sony Bravia 4K HDR TV

We’ve gone from CRT TVs that weighed a ton and took up way too much space in the living room, to slimmer LCD TVs that got a bump in picture quality with HD resolution, then came Full HD at 1080p, then 2K, and now we have ultra-slim sets that are capable of pushing out 4K […]