HTC Sensation XL Hands-on

HTC Sensation XL Initial Impressions When HTC bought into Beats by Dr. Dre, they announced two smartphones that were integrated and bundled with Beats earphones. The first was the HTC Sensation XE and the second one was a bigger (and whiter) HTC Sensation XL which has a massive 4.7″ screen. We currently have a review […]

Laptop Muzetto Leather Bag (by Waterfield Designs)

Meet the Muzetto Leather Bag The Muzetto Leather Bag by Waterfield Designs is probably one of the best looking quality leather bags I’ve seen that’s under Php10,000. It looks stunning, professional, sleek, and the materials are top grade. I was finally able to get one for myself and it looks like I’ve finally found a […]

Photo of the Week: The Giant Smartphones

Plus Size Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC Sensation XL We currently have a review unit of the HTC Sensation XL with Beats earphones. This is bigger compared to the HTC Sensation XE since this has a 4.7″ screen. We put it side-by-side a Samsung Galaxy Note and took a photo and the picture […]

Nokia N9 Review

Nokia N9 Review The Nokia N9 is probably one of the smartphones this year that was on my “I-need-to-review-that-or-else-epic-fail-me” list. I remember getting really impressed after watching the live stream of the reveal of the N9 by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop several months ago. Everything about the phone, especially the hardware design, was just breathtaking. […]

Samsung Omnia W Windows Phone

Samsung Omnia W Windows Phone Samsung is on a roll! They’ve been releasing products left and right including new camera, Android smartphones, and tablets. Now we can add a Windows phone to that list with the Samsung Omnia W. This will launch first in Italy and hopefully we’ll see this in the Philippines in Q4. […]

Smart Netphone Review

Smart Netphone 701 Review I’ve been playing around with the Smart Netphone for the last week and I think I’ve spent enough time with it to come up with a balanced and comprehensive review. During the testing period I used the Smart Netphone as my primary phone. I loaded it up with prepaid credits and […]

Globe hits back at the SMART Netphone with M.Globe Service

Globe launches M.GLOBE, a free mobile portal The SMART NetPhone has been getting a lot of online press lately from bloggers, tech journalists, and social media users. I’ve been wondering what Globe is doing to counter this and it looks like we have the answer. They just launched M.GLOBE – a free all-in-one mobile portal. […]

Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini (4G) vs Smart Power Plug-it (3G)

After more than 3 weeks of testing the Globe Tattoo Lamborghini (4G), we’ve come to the conclusion that if you can’t connect to the HSPA+ network then you’re better off with your normal 3G USB stick. We tested the 4G Globe Postpaid Tattoo Lamborghini against the 3G Smart Prepaid Power Plug-it and the results are […]