Zybi Tech Debuts JuanCash and JuanExchange FinTech Apps

Both apps aim to push the Philippines’ Financial Ecosystem FinTech Company Zybi Tech introduced two new products to encourage Filipinos to embrace the digital financial economy with JuanCash and JuanExchange. JuanCash is an eWallet app that helps users in managing finances. It offers features such as bills payment, mobile reloading, and fund transfer services, along […]

Facebook Announces Calibra Digital Wallet

It is the social media giant’s first foray to cryptocurrency Facebook marks its entry to digital wallet and cryptocurrency with Calibra and Libra. The former is the social media giant’s digital wallet platform while the latter is its digital currency. Calibra aims to be both a separate app and an added feature for Messenger and […]

Live Photos of the Galaxy S10 and S10+ Surface

And the headphone jack lives another day While we wait for the February 20 unveiling of the Galaxy S10 series, Alleged live images of the Galaxy S10 and S10+ have surfaced, confirming most of the rumors circulating so far. To start things off, both are going for punch hole displays: single front camera for the […]

Honor debuts Honor Play 8A in China

To go against Xiaomi’s Mi Play? After it was teased a few days ago, Honor unveiled the Honor 8A as the Honor Play 8A. The new budget phone may carry the Play monicker, but it has no relation to last year’s Honor Play. Instead, it is more related to the entry-level Honor Play 7. Going […]

Top 5 Learnings from the Euro-Asia Blockchain Hub Conference

    The Asia Blockchain Hub was officially launched last July 21, 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  It was attended by media partners and guests from all over the world. The event was supported by the European Blockchain Hub that was recently established in Slovenia on May 9, 2018.  It was a whole day affair […]

Gotcha! The Best of 2018’s Tech-Related April Fool’s Jokes

It is that time of the year! April Fool’s Day is a time where everyone pokes fun at things. In the tech industry, this is the time where brands would use their creativity in coming up with ideas and products that are either made of fake news or are simply impossible to happen. Here are […]

Unbox.PH Top 10 Tech Issues and Trends in 2017

As we were going through the list of the top articles on Unbox, we couldn’t help but notice stories that were almost local tech historical milestones for the Philippines. We’ve compiled and organized them and put together this list of the top 10 tech issues and trends for PH tech for the year. Check them […]

Salarium / SAL Pay Hits Soft Cap, Raises $7M USD via ICO

PH Based Tech Company Hits ICO Soft Cap Salarium / SAL Pay, the company that aims to reduce the remittance cost and speed to the Philippines, hit a major milestone yesterday when they hit their soft cap target of $7M USD. They raised the funds via Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Read More: Salarium Aims to […]

How to buy Bitcoin in the Philippines

When Money Gets Stuck in Limbo (A Bitcoin Rant)

48 Hours to Transfer Money via Bitcoin A few weeks ago we wrote about how blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can potentially help with the remittance problem here in the Philippines. While that’s definitely still possible with other cryptocurrencies, it won’t happen with Bitcoin. Fundamentally, Bitcoin is flawed to be considered “currency”. As most of you […]

Salarium Aims to Solve the Philippines Remittance Problem Using SAL Pay (1% Transaction Fee)

A Practical Use Case for Blockchain Technology in Remittances We sat down with Judah Hirsch, CEO and Founder of Salarium, to talk about their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the Salarium Group. This couldn’t come at a better time with the hundreds of companies now doing ICOs all over the world. We took it as […]

How to buy Bitcoin in the Philippines

P300M Monthly Remittances to the Philippines are Done Through Bitcoin

Remittance Channel of Choice? A growing number of the 10M Filipinos overseas are starting to discover the benefit of remitting money back to the Philippines via cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. According to the Bangko Sentral, they estimate that over P300M monthly of the remittances to the Philippines are coming through this channel. That’s approximately three times […]

Supporting my first ICO: Salarium

Welcome to my Cryptocurrency column here at Unbox.ph where I document and share all my learnings about my “Bitcoin Journey”. If you haven’t read my first post “How to Buy Bitcoin in the Philippines“, please do so you have context on why I’m doing this series. What’s an ICO? One of my Bitcoin objectives for […]