A Millenial’s Guide Understanding Sonny Angels

A Millenial’s Guide Understanding Sonny Angels

You might have seen small, tiny plastic naked dolls being posted for sale in online groups and places like Unbox Greenhills. While easily dismissed as first as a child’s toy, Sonny Angels, those winged, often half-naked cherubs are usually bought by full-grown adults, not kids – and people’s reasons for buying one are as varied as the designs of the cute plastic toys themselves. If you’re like me, a lot of you have probably asked yourselves the same thing: what exactly is a Sonny Angel?

To put it simply, Sonny Angel is the name of a cute cherub that was created by Japanese designed by Toru Soeya, who gave his nickname “Sonny” to the character. The toy was made to be a companion for women in their mid-20s, and people’s reasoning for buying one is as varied as the designs that they come in. Some people buy them for stress relief, while others buy them to have as a collectible (think Funko Pop). Others get addicted to the rush of buying boxes since you don’t know what kind you get until you open them.

Picture this: you excitedly grab a Sonny Angel blind box, not knowing if you’ll unwrap a fruity character, a veggie friend, or maybe even a miniature animal with attitude. It’s like Christmas morning, except Santa’s reindeer are replaced by tiny, head-tilting angels. The element of surprise is so intense; it’s like a game of “Guess Who” on angelic steroids. Who needs predictability when you can have the joy of not knowing which heavenly creature will grace your collection?

Whatever the reason for their purchase, these cute, naked 3-centimeter plastic babies are taking over TikTok. Sonny Angel-related content easily racks up hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok, with comments surrounding the videos being generally positive.

I’ve asked a couple of people who bought these naked babies about what made them special and each answer was as unique as the next. The easiest way to explain what a Sonny Angel is to an elder millennial like myself? Think Troll Dolls, but only cuter and a lot more…naked, I guess?

If you’re in the Philippines, there are a lot of places where you can buy a Sonny Angel here in the Philippines. Fully Booked stocks them in a lot of their branches, though one good place to buy it is via the Unbox Greenhills Store in San Juan. Blind boxes are typically priced at Php 500 each, though like any collecting hobby, there are some pieces that are rarer and harder to get, which leads to them being a bit more expensive.



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