SAPAKAN NA: Elon Musk v. Mark Zuckerberg Cage Fight

If you thought that Pacquiao vs Mayweather in 2015 was the fight of the century, then think again. Silicon Valley’s about to be shaken up by an all-out war between two goliaths: legendary Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and entrepreneur-visionary Elon Musk. Will this cage match be a fight to remember? This originally started when Zuckerberg […]

Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off Jarvis, His Robo-butler

Mark Zuckerberg has finally finished building and coding Jarvis, a computerized, AI butler patterned after Tony Stark’s own wisecracking housemate. The creator of Facebook detailed how he created Jarvis in a post earlier today. While he finished the build earlier than expected, he did run into unique problems while creating Jarvis, namely figuring out how […]

Mark Zuckerberg to Telcos: “Finish the job.”

Facebook Founder Addresses Telcos After appearing on stage for Samsung to talk about virtual reality, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg took the stage once again to deliver a keynote address (interview style) at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The 45-minute interview covered a lot of topics but if there was one moment that he […]

Mark Zuckerberg Appears On Stage for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Launch

Samsung’s Big Surprise is Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg We were expecting the usual product launch event during the Samsung Unpacked 2016 for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Fortunately for us Samsung made the product launch insanely memorable by upping their event production to a whole new level by incorporating virtual reality (all the […]

Facebook Officially Marks 12th Birthday By Celebrating Your Friends

Happy 12th birthday, Facebook! Facebook, that social media giant owned by billionaire/tech mogul/future robot overlord Mark Zuckerberg turns 12 today, and the company is celebrating by declaring today as friends’ day. If you’ve checked your Facebook account at any time today (which, let’s not kid ourselves, you’ve already done a hundred times by now) you’ve […]

Zuckerberg Celebrates Partnership With Smart with A Photo of A Tricylcle

Free internet for everyone! Yesterday Smart officially became the first telco to bring Facebook’s initiative to SEA., if you’re not aware, is Facebook-led initiative that aims to bring free internet connectivity to the masses. It’s a project that’s near and dear to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO who celebrated the announcement by posting a […]

Meta Challenges Google, OpenAI with Open-Source AI

With its desire to stay competitive with the likes of Google and OpenAI, Meta announced that they are working on their own AI model in partnership with Microsoft. Instead of going for generative AI, Meta opted to develop Llama, which is a language model that’s specifically developed for researchers. Making Llama unique is that it […]

Meta Copies Twitter, to Offer Paid Verification to Facebook, Instagram Accounts

Elon Musk must be laughing at Mark Zuckerberg right now, as the Chairman of Meta announced that it will start rolling out Meta Verified, a service that’s somehow similar to Twitter Blue. Being more expensive than Twitter Blue at $12/month (or around Php 700) for web and $15/month (or around Php 900) for mobil, Meta Verified […]

The New Facebook? Why People are Talking About Bondee

We take a look at Bondee, the latest social media app that’s getting a lot of buzz, and why it might be the next Facebook. Ever since Facebook rebranded itself to Meta, one of its goals is to introduce a metaverse for everyone to enjoy. It has been more than a year, yet Meta CEO […]

Meta Lays Off 11,000 Employees

It seems that the tech industry is also suffering a significant slump in today’s time. Following new Twitter owner Elon Musk’s mass firing of staff last week, Meta will also be laying off 11,000 of its employees. That’s right, the number covers 13% of the company’s workforce, which includes the research lab of its metaverse […]

Twitter Update Mimics Tiktok Feed

Twitter videos have long been a thing in the app. Now, Twitter is updating the app more grandly by introducing full screen videos that will mimic Tiktok. Through the update, Twitter users will experience full screen immersive videos and a swipe up gesture feature that allows one to watch the next clips. In a user’s […]

Facebook Undergoes Major Overhaul To Compete With TikTok

It may not be surprising at the moment, but TikTok has boomed into one of the most popular social media websites ever. All people from young to old tend to download the app out of curiosity and are immediately sucked in by endless streams of tailored content. Finally, Facebook is baring its fangs to combat […]