Meta Copies Twitter, to Offer Paid Verification to Facebook, Instagram Accounts

Meta Copies Twitter, to Offer Paid Verification to Facebook, Instagram Accounts

Elon Musk must be laughing at Mark Zuckerberg right now, as the Chairman of Meta announced that it will start rolling out Meta Verified, a service that’s somehow similar to Twitter Blue.

Being more expensive than Twitter Blue at $12/month (or around Php 700) for web and $15/month (or around Php 900) for mobil, Meta Verified aims to verify your Facebook and Instagram account by using your government ID. With Meta Verified, you get that much-wanted blue badge (again, similar to Twitter Blue), along with additional impersonation protection from accounts that claim to be you.

Aside from those perks, Meta Verified also gives you direct access to customer support, so you should have an easier time to address any concerns regarding your account. There will also be increased visibility and reach for Meta Verified accounts, along with exclusive Fecebook and Instagram stickers and 100 free stars a month that you can give to other creators.

“This new feature is about increasing authenticity and security across our services,” Zuckerberg wrote in an Instagram broadcast channel, which is also a new feature to compete against Telegram.

Currently, Meta Verified will have an initial rollout in Australia and New Zealand, and is not yet available to businesses for the meantime. Unlike Twitter Blue, Meta Verified will be strict about the verification process: your profile should have your real name that’s also the same as your government ID, and you can’t change profile name, username, date of birth, or photo in your profile without going through the whole verification process again.

Given that a paid subsciption service for both Facebook and Instagram is inevitable—Meta cannot depend on advertisements alone—it seems that Meta’s intentions are more sincere than Elon Musk’s plan of monetizing Twitter. Before you also get dismayed, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter aren’t the only social media platforms that are offering subscription services:  even Discord, Reddit, Telegram and YouTube also have paid services as well.

This brings us back to the debate on whether it’s even worth getting a paid subscription to avail of this perks. While its nice to have things like being able to edit Tweets, being able to upload as much as 4GB in one go, or have that badge to flex to your friends, it’s hard to convince people to get a paid social media subscription—unless it may mean additional protection to their privacy.

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