Mikko Pena

How To Prepare For Your Next TCG Tournament – Tips and Advice

For this article, I’ll teach you how to prepare for your next Trading Card Game (TCG) tournament with some practical tips and actionable advice. While you can use these for your friendly Local Gaming Store’s (LGS) weekly sessions, these are more geared towards bigger tournaments like major once-a-year events like the National Championships, where preparation […]

Rumble Royale Tekken 8 Tryhards Tournament Results!

The Tekken 8 Tryhards Tournament held at the Rumble Royale Stronghold in Xavierville Avenue just concluded last weekend. It’s the biggest local Tekken 8 Tournament so far since the game’s launch nearly a month ago and features a massive Php25,000 prize pool to go along with a 128-player cap. The tournament also marks Rumble Royale’s […]

FaB TCG Unbox RTN Results – The Nationals Season Begins!

The journey to the National Championships for the Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game (FaB TCG) is now officially underway as the first of many Road To Nationals (RTN) tournaments concluded at Unbox Greenhills last Saturday with some very interesting results. More than 60 players have thrown their hat into the ring to compete for […]

Bibe – A Guide To The Viral Duck Hair Clip

One of the more interesting (and cute) trends that came about during the Chinese New Year arrived in the form of a “Bibe” (duck) hair clip. There were two other variants that came along with it – a sprout hair clip, and a pinwheel one, however, the Bibe proved to be the most popular. While […]

Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender

Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender – A First Look

Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender is a live-action version of the popular animated series. The show follows the story of Aang, a young Avatar who must learn to control the four elements (Water, Earth, Fire, and Air) to bring balance to a world that is under threat from the evil Fire Nation. Albert Kim, known […]

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

If you’re looking for that perfect present for her this Valentine’s Day, here’s the list of our Top 5 gifts. We’ve collected a list that’s stylish, practical, fun and fits a variety of budgets.  Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her: Oppo Reno 11 5G Razer Kraken Kitty V2 BT Akko Cat Theme Mouse SUDOTACK […]

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re here to help you find some of the perfect gifts for him! Here are our Top 5 choices: Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him POCO X6 Pro 5G Moondrop Space Travel Tekken 8 Quiver Time Bolt Ulanzi MT-44 Vlog Tripod POCO X6 Pro 5G While […]

Deadpool And Wolverine Teaser Just Released!

The official teaser of Deadpool & Wolverine has just been released. The new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie features Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the foul-mouthed superhero, teaming up with Hugh Jackman’s iconic Wolverine in a multiverse adventure. The film is directed by Shawn Levy, who collaborated with Wendy Molyneux and Lizzy Molyneux-Logelin on the […]

Battle Hardened Manila Results, Recap, and More!

The results of Battle Hardened Manila (BH Manila) are now in! Let’s recap each event that happened during this amazing Trading Card Game milestone in the country. BH Manila is the first-ever international tournament held in the Philippines for the Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game (FaB TCG) by Legend Story Studios (LSS). Unbox Greenhills, […]

Quiver Time Bolt Review – The Most Stylish Card Case!

The Quiver Time Bolt Card Case sits in a fascinating spot in the market, and in this review, we’ll take a look at why it stands out. On the one hand, there isn’t a need for one – particularly for those of us who lean on the practical side of spending for our hobbies. Any […]