Goddess of Victory: NIKKE – Bay Arrives In The Philippines!

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE – Bay Arrives In The Philippines!

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE players in the Philippines are prepared to be truly inspired as they welcome SSR Bay, the cheerleader renowned for her awe-inspiring performances at sports competitions and celebratory events.

Bay’s exceptional abilities make her an invaluable asset to any team she is a part of. She specializes in enhancing the survivability of her allies, which she achieves through her unique skills.

Nikke Philippines Bay

One of her key abilities is the capacity to increase and recover her own Cover HP. This enables her to strengthen her cover, making it even more impregnable, and providing her with an unyielding shield against any potential threats or dangers.

Moreover, Bay’s proficiency also extends to distributing the damage taken by all Nikkes and her cover. This makes her an ideal ally for those seeking to survive even the most perilous of challenges. With Bay by their side, players can be assured that they will remain invincible, no matter what obstacles they may face.


In the ONE MORE TIME event of GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE, players can participate in different stages to get event items. These items can be used to exchange various rewards like Recruit Vouchers and skill enhancement materials in the Event Shop.

Nikke Philippines Bay

To get more information on the April 11 updates, feel free to check out the official website. For further updates (or if you just want more cultured discussions about Bay), you can visit the game’s official NIKKE Philippines Facebook page, join their Facebook group, or Discord server.

To learn more about GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE, you can visit nikke.en.com and download the game from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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