Tower of Fantasy X Evangelion Collab Arrives In The Philippines!

Tower of Fantasy X Evangelion Collab Arrives In The Philippines!

Tower of Fantasy players in the Philippines have plenty to be excited about as Update 3.7 “Evangelion Fantasy” arrives! The game is about to witness an unexpected and exciting event as players gear up to face a massive creature that has come through a spacetime rift, shattering the tranquility of their daily routine. This intruder, commonly known as the ‘familiar’, has appeared outside of Mirroria, causing panic and chaos among the players. 

In such a critical situation, a young boy has come forward to take control of a universal humanoid weapon, determined to fight the familiar and protect Mirroria from its wrath. The battle is expected to be fierce and desperate, but the players are ready to give it their all.

Tower of Fantasy Evangelion Philippines

Evangelion fans in the Philippines have plenty more to be excited about, as Tower of Fantasy is collaborating with the iconic anime and bringing in Limited Simulacrum Asuka and Rei to fight alongside the players. These two characters come with their limited weapons, Spear of Longinus and Redemption, respectively. The collaboration is limited, so players should make the most of this opportunity to experience it.

Fans of the show will surely be delighted to know that there are several items available that are inspired by the popular Japanese anime series. These include the Asuka Limited Order: Red Descent and the Rei Limited Order: Tranquil Song, which features the characters in their signature plug suits. If you like them a bit more fashionable, you might be interested in the Asuka Haute Couture: Overlooking the Gray or the Rei Haute Couture: Future’s Echo, both of which are sure to turn heads with their unique and stylish designs. Finally, for those who love a bit of chance, the EVA Outfit Gacha: Scarlet Red offers a fun and exciting way to collect this one-of-a-kind, Evangelion-themed outfit. All of these items and more can be found at the upcoming Evangelion Fantasy event, which is scheduled to run from March 12 to April 29, 2024.

Tower of Fantasy Evangelion Philippines


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