Bluelounge Sanctuary 4: Elegant and Sleek Charging Station

Bluelounge Sanctuary 4: Elegant and Sleek Charging Station


Pricey but Great Solution for Charging Gadgets

Each time we have visitors over we usually get asked if they can charge their mobile phones since they’re already low on battery. What we usually do is either point them to the nearest wall outlet or if they don’t have a charger with them, we bring one out with the right cable (Lightning for Apple or micro USB for Android). Since this kept on happening we decided to get a more classy looking charging station that we and our guests could use. After a lot of window shopping we ended up with the Bluelounge Sanctuary 4.

There are three reasons why we decided to go for this over the others.

It Looks Great
First thing we loved about it was that it didn’t look like your typical techie charging station with exposed USB ports and a body with vibrant pastel colors. The Sanctuary 4 is sleek, subtle, and easily blends in with the rest of our furniture. In fact if the cables aren’t showing one would mistake it as a resting place for keys or something.

Bluelounge was able to keep this subtle by having all the cables inside the box. The USB ports and bulk of the cables are stored under the top part and you just have to bring them out if you need to charge. It’s also quite easy to just lift the top rest to gain access to the cables if you want to initially keep them out of sight.

It Can Charge 4 Devices at Once

The Sanctuary 4, as the name implies, has 4 high powered USB ports. You can use three of them to charge smartphones while the other one is meant for your tablet. The box came with just one micro USB cable though so you’ll need to get other cables for multiple devices.

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It Won’t Take You Forever to Charge

Lastly, the Sanctuary 4 has good power output. While it won’t trigger the “fast charging” feature of Android devices, it is still much faster than a lot of power banks and crappy wall chargers. This was a big thing for us since we hate slow chargers just as much as we hate ugly looking charging stations.

Perhaps the only issue with the Bluelounge Sanctuary 4 is the price. Right now it retails for a whopping Php4,495 (you can get it from Digital Walker for Beyond the Box). A lot of people will probably be skeptical and have issues with shelling out so much money for a charging station, especially if they can use their existing wall charger that came free with their phone. However if you’re after a charging station that’s equally powerful and “nice-looking”, this one is your best bet.



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