Infinix NOTE 30 5G Gaming Review: Panalo for Under Php 10k?

Infinix NOTE 30 5G Gaming Review: Panalo for Under Php 10k?

Infinix brings over another great offering in the under Php 10k segment with the NOTE 30 5G. Aside from being one of the few under Php 10k phones to have 5G connectivity and fast 45w wired charging, the NOTE 30 5G also positions itself as a good budget gaming phone. Does the Infinix NOTE 30 live up to the promise of offering great gaming on a budget in our review?

For this test, we will be using four different games, running these games in three different graphics settings, and recording performance using GameBench to see how the NOTE 30 5G fares when you try to bump up the settings.

Infinix NOTE 30 5G Gaming Review: Specs Recap

Aside from having 8GB LPDDR4X RAM and up to 256GB UFS 2.2 storage, the NOTE 30 5G uses a Dimensity 6080 processor, which we know is based on the Dimensity 810. To recap, it’s a 6nm processor that has 2 Cortex-A76 cores running at 2.4Ghz and 6 Cortex-A55 cores running at 2Ghz.

Overall, those specs are really, really good for under Php 10k–on top of having 45w charging for its 5000mAh battery and a responsive 120hz display.


Infinix NOTE 30 5G Gaming Review: Mobile Legends

Considering that the NOTE 30 5G is priced at under Php 10k, it is an impressive budget phone for MOBA games like Mobile Legends, as you can select Ultra for both refresh rate and graphics.

Even at playing the game with both refresh rate and graphics set to ultra, the NOTE 30 5G performed flawlessly, with the back panel only slightly warmer compared to running the game at ultra graphics and super refresh rate. Overall, the NOTE 30 5G is a very fitting phone to be the brand’s phone of choice for its partnership with MPL Season 11.


Infinix NOTE 30 5G Gaming Review: Call of Duty Mobile

FPS games like Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) prioritize FPS for smooth gameplay, and the NOTE 30 5G fits the bill, especially with its 120hz display. While the game limits graphic settings to medium, you still get high frame rate settings with CODM.

Running the game in three setting combinations (from low graphics and high frame rate to medium graphics and high frame rate), the NOTE 30 5G performed flawlessly, and the phone did not warm up even when at its highest possible settings.


Infinix NOTE 30 5G Gaming Review: Asphalt 9

Fans of the racing genre often love playing Asphalt 9 on mobile. While the game is locked at 30FPS on most mid-range processors, you have the freedom to tweak the graphics between high quality or performance.

Between the high-quality and performance settings, we got slightly better overall gameplay with the NOTE 30 5G, though the difference is barely visible. Should you want to enjoy Asphalt 9 on the NOTE 30 5G, you’re better off playing the game in high-quality settings.


Infinix NOTE 30 5G Gaming Review: Genshin Impact

When it comes to pushing phones to the limit, Genshin Impact is often the most mainstream mobile game that is graphically demanding. While the Dimensity 6080 makes it ideal to run the game at medium graphics, we were surprised to see that the NOTE 30 5G can run the game comfortably at high graphics.

Compared to the results we got at medium settings, the NOTE 30 5G was able to maintain an average of 29FPS at a slightly better 91% stability. The change in temperature is very minimal, making the NOTE 30 5G a real winner at the under Php 10k segment if you want to play Genshin Impact on the go.


Infinix NOTE 30 5G Gaming Review: Verdict

Aside from being feature-packed for under Php 10k, the NOTE 30 5G is a top choice for budget gaming phones as well. Its overall performance can match or even outdo more expensive models, and it has the necessary features to give mobile gamers an enjoyable experience.

The NOTE 30 5G is priced at Php 9,999 for the 256GB model and Php 9,499 for the 128GB model.




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