itel S23+ Review Philippines: Curved Display for the Masses

itel S23+ Review Philippines: Curved Display for the Masses

itel S23+ Review Philippines Verdict: itel completely changed the game in the budget segment by being the first brand to offer a curved AMOLED display, a feature normally found on premium devices, at a very accessible price point. The S23+ may have an average processor, but we think this phone will be itel’s first big hit in the Philippines.


-Curved AMOLED display is great

-Better selfie camera vs the competition

-Incredible price tag



-Not the most powerful processor in its segment

-Cameras struggle in low-light

Most mid-range phones are adopting curved AMOLED displays as one of their standout features. It’s a matter of time before budget phones get this coveted feature, and itel is the first brand to do so with the budget S23+. With an official SRP of just Php 7.5k, is itel’s big gamble of putting a curved AMOLED display on a budget phone worth it?


itel S23+ Review Philippines: Design

It’s really hard to fathom that the S23+ is just a budget device with its curved back panel and large module that holds two cameras and an LED flash. The back panel may be the usual polycarbonate, but it looks and feels more premium compared to its rivals.

There’s no visible itel branding throughout the phone; instead, you get a Super branding at the bottom, which emphasizes that the S23+ is itel’s very best. We wished that the camera bump was smaller, as you only get a dual rear camera setup that has only one useful camera.

To keep its premium looks, the S23+ does not have a headphone jack. Itel is kind enough to include a USB-C headset, so you don’t need to worry about not having a physical port for earphones.


itel S23+ Review Philippines: Display

Everyone is surprised at how itel managed to put a curved AMOLED display on the S23+ and give it an under Php 8k price tag. Granted that it only has a 60hz refresh rate, the S23+’s display has essential goods like good color accuracy and an in-display fingerprint scanner. All of the display features alone make the S23+ an absolute runaway winner in the budget segment.

As for the display itself, the S23+ surprised us with the panel itel used for it. You might think that they used a low-end AMOLED panel for the S23+, but it’s actually as good as the curved AMOLED panels we usually find on mid-range phones priced upwards of Php 15k. You even get Widevine L1 for watching your favorite Netflix shows in Full HD, and its brightness range is good enough for viewing under direct sunlight. The brightness range is a big deal since most budget phones struggle when used outdoors.

On top of being the only budget phone with a curved AMOLED display, the S23+ is also the only one in its segment to offer an in-display fingerprint scanner.

itel promised an update to the S23+ that will add a Dynamic Bar feature in the punch-hole area for organized viewing of notifications. It is their own version of Apple’s Dynamic Island, and we look forward to seeing if itel’s implementation is polished.


itel S23+ Review Philippines: Cameras

The S23+ has a dual rear camera setup that consists of a 50-megapixel main camera and a QVGA depth sensor. Only the former camera is useful, and its f/1.6 aperture should make it perform better in low light. The display may be the S23+’s main selling point, but the main camera performed well as a budget phone.

We got decent photos with the S23+ in daylight and mixed lighting conditions, and they’re at par with the performance of its rivals that also use a 50-megapixel sensor.

The S23+’s weakness is shooting in low light, where photos look muddy and lack detail. We could not complain much, as this is a typical weakness among budget phones.

The S23+ does step up its game in the selfie department, as it has a 32-megapixel front camera that’s better in resolution compared to its rivals. Selfies taken with the S23’s front camera are a step above compared to what its rivals have to offer. Selfies are detailed on the S23+, which is impressive considering it’s a budget phone.


itel S23+ Review Philippines: Hardware, Software, Battery Life

Being a budget device, you only get a Unisoc T616 processor that’s paired with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. While the processor is not as powerful when compared to the competition, the S23+ remains compelling with the RAM and storage configuration that will be made available in the Philippines.

People would look down at any Unisoc processor, but the T616 is fairly decent performance-wise. Based on our benchmark data, the T616 is at par with the Helio G88 and is slightly lower than the Snapdragon 680 and Helio G85 when it comes to multi-core performance. While it’s not made for gaming, it’s possible to run some titles on the S23+ provided that you tone down the settings. Its generous 8GB RAM is useful for handling heavier titles while running a few background tasks.

Just like most budget phones, you get a 5000mAh battery on the S23+, which is impressive given its slim frame. Charging the battery is done via USB-C at 18w. It may not be the fastest in the market, but that charging speed is good enough to top up the battery in less than 2 hours.


itel S23+ Review Philippines: Wrap-up and Verdict

The S23+ is most likely itel’s biggest hit in the Philippines as it delivered its promise of a quality curved AMOLED display at a very affordable price tag. Granted that itel had to make compromises to accommodate that display, the S23+’s asking price is still competitive.

itel S23+ Price Philippines

The S23+ has an official price of Php 7,499, with each purchase bundled with an 18w charger and tempered screen protector.



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