5 Things We Love About the realme C67

5 Things We Love About the realme C67

The realme C67 has officially arrived in the Philippines, and it positions itself as a budget phone that has a great camera for taking photos. With upgrades on the main camera, display, and processor, the C67 is the most well-rounded C-series phone realme has launched to date.

Here’s a roundup of the five things we love about the realme C67:

The 108-megapixel ISOCELL HM6 main camera

The biggest upgrade on the C67 is the main camera, as it now boasts a 108-megapixel ISOCELL HM6 sensor–the best sensor we’ve seen on the C-series. Taking cues on what we like about the realme 11, the C67 has a 3x in-sensor zoom feature that makes good use of the sensor size to go close to the subject and still keep the same level of image quality.

Despite not having a dedicated telephoto camera, the ISOCELL HM6’s in-sensor zoom delivered great results to make the C67 a versatile shooter for taking photos.



Street Mode adds fun and creativity

Another popular realme feature that’s now available even on the C67 is Street Mode, which is the brand’s fun take with creative filters and fast street shooting.

This mode gives you dedicated focal lengths in 24mm (1x), 72mm (3x), and 120mm (5x) and a tweaked image processing algorithm that lets you take snapshots fast, making it handy for run-and-gun shooting. Street Mode has a variety of filters to choose from, and 90s Pop is our favorite filter–it gives a vibe that it was shot on a vintage film camera!


Stereo speakers with great audio

Aside from having a brighter display compared to last year’s C55, realme finally added stereo speakers to the C67. It’s a request we’ve been asking for realme’s entry-level series, and the C67’s speakers deliver with great audio quality out of the box–no need for any further tweaking.

We loved the sound quality of the C67’s speakers, we enjoyed playing our favorite songs through YouTube Music and Spotify and appreciate the details of every track. Aside from great speakers, you still have a headphone jack for enjoying your favorite wired cans.

IP54 rating for peace of mind

Most budget phones are adding IP ratings to make them comfortable to use in case of accidental water splashes, and realme adds this feature on the C67. Being the first model under the C-series to have an IP54 rating, the realme C67 has limited protection not just to water splashes, but to dust as well.


Decent software upgrade commitment

All of the C67’s hardware upgrades are complemented by decent software support, and realme commits to two major Android updates (up to Android 16), and 3 years of security and minor software updates. This ensures that the C67 has software support for 3 years, and that it can get new features like updates on realme’s Mini Capsule interface in the future, or new filter options in Street Mode.

The realme C67 is priced at Php 9,999 for the 8GB/128GB variant and Php 10,999 for the 8GB/256GB variant.



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