How to Make the Most Out of the realme 11’s 108MP Camera

How to Make the Most Out of the realme 11’s 108MP Camera

One of the standout features of the realme 11 is the main camera upgrade. While the 108-megapixel ISOCELL HM6 may ring a bell, realme has optimized the realme 11’s camera hardware with good software to make the most of the main camera’s capabilities.

Despite not having an ultra-wide camera, you can do quite a lot with the realme 11’s 108-megapixel sensor. Here’s a rundown on how you can maximize the realme 11’s main camera:


Enable gridlines before shooting. Composition matters in taking great photos, and we highly advise you to enable gridlines on the realme 11 before you start shooting. Learning the principles of the Rule of Thirds is very helpful in taking good photos, and those gridlines will guide you in your framing. Aside from gridlines, you can opt for diagonal lines or golden spiral for more creative composition takes.

Use 108MP mode if you want a more detailed shot. In cases where details matter, don’t be afraid to use the realme’s 108-megapixel mode. This utilizes the entire resolution of the ISOCELL HM6 sensor, giving you a large image that allows you to crop into specific details in the photo.


Utilize 3x digital zoom to get close. If you prefer just to be closer to the subject, a great way to do that on the realme 11 is to use its 3x digital zoom feature. Don’t get us wrong: the realme 11’s digital zoom feature has a better implementation than its rivals. This allows the realme 11’s main camera to double as a telephoto lens, maximizing the capabilities of the ISOCELL HM6 sensor.


Switch to Street Mode for run-and-gun shooting. First spotted on the GT Master, the realme 11 gets this cool feature that optimizes its main camera for a snappier shooting experience. Aside from dedicated 24mm and 72mm modes, you have over 10 filters to choose from to suit your shooting style. We like the 90s Pop filter, which gives a nostalgic look to our shots:

Want to take street photography up a notch? Switch to manual mode to have a more precise focus on your subject.


Feel free to make a few tweaks after. In times when you don’t get the perfect shot, the realme 11 has a few features that can help you polish your photo. Aside from the usual cropping and rotation, the realme 11 has a nifty Eraser feature in the Gallery app that removes unwanted objects from your photo to help you get that shot you want.

The realme 11 is priced at Php 13,999 and is available online and offline at authorized realme retail stores nationwide. 

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