Swiftpoint Mouse Review

Swiftpoint Mouse Review

Review of the Swiftpoint Wireless Mouse!

Review: Swiftpoint Mouse

There are a lot of times when using a mouse is just too much of a hassle. It’s too bulky to bring along with you especially if it has a cable. You also need to find space for it on the table once you start using it. Because of this you opt to use the trackpad of your laptop instead. However not everyone is comfortable with the trackpad, especially if they need to create excel sheets or edit photos. That’s where the Swiftpoint Mouse comes in. This multi-awarded peripheral works on almost any surface, is very portable, and ergonomic as well. Oh and it looks awesome too!

Before you go on and read the review, please take a minute to watch this video so you get a better understanding and appreciation on what this mouse is all about.


The Swiftpoint Mouse obviously doesn’t look like your average mouse. First let’s point out that obvious — it’s very small. That’s because it’s not made for your palm but for your fingers. Using it is actually like using a pen where in you use your thumb and pointing finger to guide the device.

Kinda looks like a mini-motor cycle from Tron without the lights, hehe. 🙂

The mouse is made of a combination of glossy black plastic and rubber. The plastic is mostly the entire structure and body while the rubber is for the mouse wheel as well as the finger grip. The mouse buttons (left and right) are located at the front of the mouse. The mouse wheel is near the side. There are also LEDs for charging and wireless status.

At the bottom you’ll find the removable USB port which you plug-in the laptop to charge the device and to communicate to the mouse wirelessly.

So… does it work?

I’ve been using the Swiftpoint mouse mostly when I’m on the go. It’s the perfect companion for my MacBook Pro and I usually whip it out when I’m working on excel sheets and photo editing. For decks (Keynote or Powerpoint) I’m more used to the trackpad.

It’s an excellent accessory to have around since you can literally use this on almost any surface. I’ve used this on the side of the trackpad (on the MacBook Pro), my pants, wood, plastic, arm chairs, and all kinds of tables. It takes up a small footprint on the actual work station and your bag.

Charging it is also very easy. Just dock the mouse on the USB while connected to the laptop. A 30 second charge should be good for an hour or two of usage.


The Swiftpoint Mouse is truly deserving of all the awards it’s won. It’s an innovative take on the traditional mouse and I’m sure designers and a lot of other professionals who travel a lot will love this. My main concern really is the price. The Swiftpoint Mouse sells for Php4,500. Not everyone can afford it. However if you travel a lot and you use your laptop while on the go then this might be one of the best investments you can make.

The Swiftpoint Mouse is available in Otterbox Kiosks and resellers. You can also order online via the Tenkie Box website.



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