Veho Muvi No Proof No Glory Edition Unboxing: Cheaper Alternative to a GoPro?

Veho Muvi No Proof No Glory Edition Unboxing: Cheaper Alternative to a GoPro?


Veho Muvi NPNG unboxing!

A few weeks ago we reviewed GoPro’s Hero3+ Black Edition and gave it high marks. While GoPro’s latest action cam may be the best money can buy, its Php 19,990 price is definitely not for everyone. Fortunately, there are action cam alternatives in the market, and the Veho Muvi No Proof No Glory action camera is one of them. Today, we’re going to be unboxing it and will be showing what you’ll get for its SRP of Php 12,990.


Packaging and contents

The Muvi NPNG comes in a black box with a transparent cutout showing the device in its waterproof casing.


Once you open the box, you’re greeted by a number of accessories that Veho has thoughtfully thrown in the package for you, ranging from several mounts, arms, clips and sticky mounts. The Muvi NPNG also comes with a remote control for hands-free operation.


Initial impressions: bulkier and bigger than the competition, cheaper too

One of the things that struck us when we finally unboxed the Muvi NPNG was how big it was, especially when compared to the competition. Most of the things that you need to extract video from the Muvi NPNG are located on the sides of the device, things like HDMI out, the USB port and AV OUT, as well as the microSD slot.


Unlike the GoPro, the Muvi NPNG has touch sensitive controls on the back as well as a 1.5-inch display that gives you an idea of what the device will be seeing when it starts recording.


The Muvi NPNG comes with a waterproof case that Veho says is capable of going as deep as 60 meters for about an hour. Unfortunately, the waterproof case adds additional bulk to an already bulky camera. One bright spot about the overall size of the camera is that has a relatively large 1400mAh battery in it (non-user replaceable), which the company says will give you around 3 hours of recording time.


Speaking of things you’ll be seeing, the Muvi NPNG is stuck on 170 degree wide angle view, and can only go as high as 1080p at 30 FPS. It can also take stills, though you’re limited to 8-megapixels as far as resolution is concerned.


Is the Muvi NPNG a good alternative to a GoPro? Well, that remains to be seen. While the price is certainly attractive, the reduced shooting modes, fixed 170 FOV and relatively large footprint may shoot down a recommendation from us. We can’t stress how big the Muvi NPNG is enough – it looks comically large mounted on our helmet with the bracket accessory, though we’ve since changed out the mounts which gives it a slighly smaller footprint. We’ll be playing airsoft today with it attached, and we’ll include the video of our gaming session, as well as its battery endurance in our full review.

The Muvi NPNG can be bought from a number for shops, which include Henry’s Camera Supply, iClick, Mayer’s Ph0to, PixelPro, Widget City, Camerahaus, 5th Avenue, QSL Wireless (Dagupan),  Mountain Studio and  Tiongsan (Baguio).



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