Top 5 Smartphones Under P10,000 in the Philippines (1st Half Of 2020)

Top 5 Smartphones Under P10,000 in the Philippines (1st Half Of 2020)

Budget Friendly Smartphones!

We’re almost at the halfway point for the year, and that means we’re putting together our top picks for smartphones for all price points. This year is a little different though as COVID-19 has disrupted many planned phone launches of brands in the Philippines, which means there’s less in the field to choose from this year.

That being said, there are still solid smartphones under 10K released before the modern plague disrupted the market, and we’re putting our top 5 picks here:

Nokia C1 – Php 2,999

Really compelling budget phones under 5K have been slim pickings even before the global health emergency hit, but cash-strapped buyers would be served well with HMD Global’s Android Go-packing Nokia C1.

This small phone has a compact form factor, has a great implementation of Android Go as well as a decent display for the price. While the cameras aren’t great and the processor is a little on the old side, it’s still a great phone to pick up if you’re looking for a solid secondary phone or a basic bare-bones device for cheap. Click here to see on Lazada.

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Nokia 2.3 – Php 5,999

If you’re dead-set on buying a Nokia branded phone that’s a bit better in terms of performance and longevity compared to the Nokia C1, then the natural phone to pick would be the Nokia 2.3

The Nokia 2.3 has very good battery endurance, better cameras overall compared to the C1 as well as a unique-looking finish that’s more resistant to wear and tear, an important feature to have if you’re looking for a beater phone. Click here to check it out on Lazada.

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Realme C3 – Php 5,990

If there’s one clear choice for cash-strapped peeps this 2020, it has to be the Realme C3. The former OPPO sub-brand’s newest budget offering is probably the best choice for people looking for a solid, all-around performer.

The phone’s sleek exterior belies the fact that it’s incredibly affordable, and it is packed with a processor that’s good enough for mainstream gaming. Battery life is pretty awesome too – you’re really not going to regret buying one for yourself. Click here to see on Lazada.

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Realme 5i – Php 6,990

If for some reason you’re after battery life at the expense of everything else, then you might actually want to take a look at the Realme 5i. The phone has a massive battery as well as capable rear cameras – but if you’re looking for more than just long battery life, you might want to pick its cheaper brother.  Click here to review.

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Huawei Y7p – Php 9,990

Huawei’s Y7p just barely manages to come in at our Php 10K cutoff, and just like most of Huawei’s phones, it’s the phone to get if you want beautiful photos on a budget.

Aside from great photos, you’re also getting a beautiful phone externally, and incredibly long battery life. You will have to adjust to the fact that the phone doesn’t have access to Google Play and GMS, but hey, there’s always Huawei’s equivalent, AppGallery. See it here on Lazada.

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