What is LTE and What Can It Do For Us?

Smart recently launched its Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. It is technology that takes the joy of using the internet on another level. It is loosely a part of 4G technology, as defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). What does this mean for us consumers? It’s what we’ve been waiting for–better internet. Imagine not […]

Apple Magic Trackpad

The Apple Magic Trackpad has been around for a while now but a lot of people don’t understand what’s it for. Basically the Trackpad is a wireless bigger touchpad that you connect using bluetooth. It’s also equipped for multitouch gestures which you can even enhance with third party software. What’s the point of having one? […]

2011 Honda Accord

Honda Philippines recently launched the all new 2011 Honda Accord. The new Accord has significant upgrades from the 2008 current-generation model. The first and definitely one of the most important is the improved fuel economy due to the revised aerodynamics and optimization of the engine and transmission. This is a very important factor considering gas […]

Unboxing the Audio-Technica RE70 Retro Headphones

I tried the Audio-Technica RE70 Retro Headphones in Astro Vision in Vmall last week. It definitely wasn’t as clear and detailed as my Marshall Major Headphones but it was definitely made for listening to concerts, disco, RNB, and dance. Listening to Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Sting on these cans is just a totally different experience […]

Blu-ray Mondays: Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete

The turning point for now popular Japanese RPG (Role Playing Game) franchise, Final Fantasy, is when they launched the first Final Fantasy in 3D format, aka Final Fantasy VII, for the Sony Playstation in 1997. The game was the most popular franchise in the series hitting its 10 million-sold mark as of 2010. In 1997 […]

Targus Capacitive Stylus (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

The popularity of touchscreen mobile devices like the iPad and the iPhone paved the way for companies to start offering accessories to enhance the over-all touchscreen experience. Targus came out with a capacitive stylus that’s now locally available. It has a soft tip end which works on capacitive screens. I’ve been using it with my […]

Arrow Messenger Bags

Arrow is one of my personal favorite brands that’s available here in the Philippines. I usually get all of my neckties, socks, and handkerchiefs from them. Late last year they started offering different bags for professional men and I’ve loved almost all of their designs! They use high quality material and they don’t compromise the […]

Air Jordan V Retro “Wolf Grey”

The “Wolf Grey” Air Jordan V Retro features a grey suede upper (hence the “Wolf Grey” title), white contrast laces and stitching, fully clear outsole, plastic side panels, and a rubber sole. It has minimal branding which just makes it ever more awesome. Sole Movement says that these shoes are already available in Titan (Fort […]

Audio-Technica RE70 Headphones (Retro)

Audio-Technica launched the new Retro Series ATH-RE70 September last year. The design is actually based on the ATH-2 model which was introduced over 30 years ago! Talk about Retro right? Anyway, personally I love the design. The ATH-RE70 has the following: leather headband, earpads, stick slider headband, and a universal swiveling earcup design. It was […]

Angry Birds Piggy Banks

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games in the whole world. In fact just recently they crossed the 200,000,000 download mark. It’s only natural that whatever merchandise they have would also sell like hotcakes. Best Toys in Vmall, Greenhillls, is currently carrying several Angry Birds piggy banks. They have models for all of […]

TDK WR700 Wireless Headphones

The big problem with bluetooth wireless headphones is that the absence of the wires compromises the sound quality. Most of the time the audio becomes muddy and muffled and a lot of the mids and highs are muzzled. The TDK WR700 Wireless Headphones tries to address that through Kleer technology. It’s a transmitter that you […]

DC Unlimited Dragon Age Series 1 Toys

DC Unlimited recently released the first series of Dragon Age toys. They feature 4 characters from the game, Dragon Age: Origins. They decided not to feature all the playable characters in the first set. The set is comprised of the witch, Morrigan, the Teryn, Loghain, the Gray Warden, Duncan and a darkspawn, Genlock. These toys […]