Unboxing: Marshall Major Headphones

Unboxing: Marshall Major Headphones

Two weeks ago we bought the Marshall Major Headphones from Digital Walker in Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City. Been using it quite extensively the past few days. It’s hooked up to my iPhone 4 for songs every morning when I go to work and it gets plugged to my MacBook Pro when I need some “power music” while I do spreadsheets and presentations. It goes back to the iPhone 4 while going home and it might get more action later in the evening when I watch some movies in bed using the iPad. Headphones are crucial for married people. 😛

Sound quality is excellent and it’s a totally different listening experience compared to the iPod earphones that go with iOS devices. I also have several earbuds and headphones in the P2,500 and below price range and they all pale in comparison to the performance of the Marshall Majors.

Priced at P4,699, it’s a pretty heavy investment for the average Pinoy for headphones. However if you love listening to music all the time and you want a significantly noticeable audio experience, the Marshall Major is an excellent upgrade.

Some photos:

As you can see from the photos, the design and build of the headphones are great! Perhaps my only complaint is that the ear cups aren’t big enough. It gets a bit uncomfortable to wear after an hour or two of use.

More pics:

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