DICT to Launch SIM Check Initiative to Combat Scammers

On top of its efforts in pushing everyone to register their SIMs ASAP, especially with the 90-day extension period, the DICT is set to launch a new initiative called “Project: SIM Check Mo” as part of its efforts to combat cybercrime and scammers looking to victimize people. According to a report, “Project: SIM Check Mo” […]

How to Report Text Scams in the Philippines

Text scams are a common occurrence in the Philippines, and it can be challenging to differentiate them from legitimate messages, now even containing the full name of the recipient. They may come from unknown numbers, claiming job offers, cash prizes, discounts, or even pose as a relative asking for money or load. It is important […]

New WhatsApp Scam Fronts as “Legitimate” Online Job Hiring

There are a number of scams proliferating here and there, and this new WhatsApp scam is alarming, as it fronts itself as a “legitimate” job hiring scheme for a marketing job. This has been flagged several days ago by Social Media Marketing Philippines on Facebook, and the said WhatsApp scam is ongoing.   Unlike other […]

It has Begun: Scammers Have Started To Weaponize Nostalgia

Every time we come across news that a platform that’s long dead come back to life, we get excited about it. Nostalgia can affect the emotions of people so much, that some fail to realize how it can be dangerous–especially with how scammers are actually using it as a weapon to victimize people. Such was […]

Goodbye Scammers: GCash Partners with PNP Anti-cybercrime Group

Scams are very rampant online, especially now that payments have become more convenient than ever. To combat scams through its e-wallet platform, GCash has partnered with the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP ACG). Held recently during the #GSafeTayo media launch, GCash signed a memorandum of agreement with the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP-ACG). […]

What To Do When You’ve Been Scammed Via GCash

If there’s one thing that’s dangerous with the rise of online transactions, there’s the rampant rise of scams that victimize people of several thousands of Pesos in the process. Unfortunately, not everyone in the Philippines is aware of how to report an online scam that involves GCash when it happens to them. I personally was […]

Taga-Ibang Bansa? Foreign Criminals Possible Suspects in Text Scams

As the investigation on the proliferation of text scams in the Philippines is ongoing, Smart believes that it’s possible that foreign criminals operating large syndicates are the ones behind it. “It is highly possible that foreigners are behind the text scams that have plagued mobile users in the country. They are working with domestic operators […]

NTC Orders Phone Manufacturers, Resellers To Educate Users on Scam Text Messages

Spam messages have become more prevalent than ever. And just recently, these messages became personalised with the private information of recipients, such as their names. To address this text scam problem, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has issued Memorandum Order No. 006-09-2022. The recently issued NTC memorandum orders all mobile phone manufacturers, distributors, and resellers […]

Smart Has Blocked 342 Million Text Scam Messages in the Last 3 Months

While the NTC is coordinating with telco providers in investigating the proliferation of text scams in the Philippines, Smart released a infographic that details their efforts in combatting them. In the said infographic (which you can see below), Smart is happy to report that it has blocked 11.3 billion attempts to access malicious sites from […]

Galing sa mga Apps? NPC Cites Possible Source for Text Scam Messages

Following the NTC’s admission that contact tracing forms might be the cause for the proliferation of scam text messages–a statement that is similar to what Smart said in their press statement–the NPC has revealed in their investigation that these smishing messages “appear to have been sent using specific mobile number registered to certain texting services.” […]

 NTC Points at Contact Tracing for Text Scam Messages

There has been a data leak causing mobile users to receive personalized scam messages. The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is pointing at contact tracing platforms as the main culprit. NTC Deputy Commissioner Edgardo Cabarios acknowledged that the spam texts “possibly” came from contact tracing platforms, which are mandatory forms for Filipinos entering establishments such as […]

Goodbye Scammers: GCash Partners with PNP Anti-cybercrime Unit

Iwas Scam: No More SMS, GCash Will Send Notifications via App

It’s “Goodbye text, hello app inbox” for GCash. From now on, GCash notifications will be received in the app inbox instead of text message inbox. According to the company, this moving the GCash notifications to the app inbox will improve security and provide customers with easier access to their transaction history. “GCash has been relentless […]