Oppo N3 Review: The Ultimate Selfie Snapper

We review the Oppo N3 Selfie phones are a big thing, so big in fact that some companies have centered entire marketing campaigns around them. While the Oppo N3 is capable of taking awesome selfies, don’t be fooled – it’s a phone that’s so much more than that. Today we’ll be taking an in-depth look […]

Starmobile Knight X Review: Continuing the Knight’s Legacy

We review the Starmobile Knight X! Starmobile’s Knight line of smartphones have a knack of being the most advanced smartphones offered by any local brand. The original Knight was our pick for top local smartphone back in 2013. It’s successor, the Knight X was the most innovative, powerful and feature packed when it was announced […]

Sony Xperia Z3 Review: Sony’s Latest is Also Its Best

We review the Xperia Z3! When Sony announced a year ago that they would be releasing a flagship every six months, we were interested to see what devices would result. Pushing a new, updated version of your flagship device is a tall order in the usual 1 year product refresh cycle, doing it in six […]

5 Trends That Defined the Local Market This Year

We’ve seen so many advancements in the local smartphone market this year, in terms of both price and hardware. It’s really amazing how much the local brand landscape has changed in twelve months. Let’s look back at the trends that defined the local market this 2014 : The octa-core wars One of the biggest tech […]

Why Are There So Many Affordable, Bang for the Buck Smartphones in China?

And why aren’t they being sold here? You’ve seen us post about ultra bang-for-your-buck devices being sold in mainland China, and many of you have been salivating at the thought of owning a sub-10K smartphone that has LTE on board, though sadly, very few of them will actually make their way here in the PH, and […]

ASUS Teases Next Zenfone, Now Has Dual Camera

Did ASUS just take a page out of Huawei’s playbook? The Consumer Electronics Show is right around the corner, and companies are now starting to tease their next products that they will unveil of the next year. ASUS has released a short teaser video for their next Zenfone, and apparently the next iteration of the […]

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro Review: Best Phablet Lenovo’s Ever Made

We review the Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro! For the last two weeks we’ve been playing with Lenovo’s Vibe Z2 Pro, the company’s latest flagship smartphone and their biggest phablet to date. The Vibe Z2 Pro signals a new direction for the company, moving away from the plastic fantastic, gentle curvy design of the Vibe Z […]

ZTE Shows Off Voice-powered Star 2 Smartphone

Better than Siri? Huawei’s not the only Chinese company showing off new smartphones this December – domestic rival ZTE also unveiled their newest smartphone dubbed the Star 2. The main draw for this new phone? Voice commands. While that tech isn’t new, ZTE promises that the Star 2 is able to do more than Google, […]

Honor 6 Plus Camera Demonstration

Curious to see how the dual-camera setup on the 6 Plus works? We’re back in beautiful sunny Manila after spending three days in Beijing freezing our butts off. And today, we’ll be showing you a short video of just how beautiful the Honor 6 Plus is, and how its revolutionary dual-camera setup works. In the […]

Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri Android Smartphone Official, Yours for Only $6000

There’s expensive, then there’s expensive If gold plating your iPhone 6 or Galaxy Note 4 isn’t enough to show the world how truly loaded you are, you can always opt to buy hyper-luxurious smartphones from BlackBerry, Vertu and Lamborghini. Yes, Lamborghini, the same Italian sport scar manufacturer apparently now has their smartphone, dubbed the Tonino […]

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro Hands-on, First Impressions: Meet Lenovo’s Monster Phablet

We go hands-on with the Vibe Z2 Pro! We’ve finally managed to get our hands on Lenovo’s latest phablet, the Vibe Z2 Pro. Launched a few months ago, the Vibe Z2 Pro builds on the company’s rather excellent (and affordable) Vibe Z that was released at the beginning of this year. The Vibe Z2 Pro […]

Meizu MX4 Pro Hands-on, First Impressions: Another Affordable Flagship Contender

We go hands-on with the Meizu MX4 Pro! A few days ago Meizu officially launched the MX4 Pro in China, and while we obviously weren’t able to attend, we’ve managed to get some brief sit-down time with a unit generously brought to the PH by none other than its distributor, Novo7 Tech. A lot of […]