Editor’s Picks for March 2012

Editor’s Picks for March 2012

Editor’s Picks for March

We get a lot of messages asking us what the best gadgets are for the month. Instead of replying to people one-by-one we just decided to have a monthly recap of the best gadgets that we’ve seen or reviewed. We’ll try to keep the list to under 10 items. Note that we won’t include items not yet in the market (stuff you can’t buy yet) in our picks. It has to be commercially available in the Philippines to be considered.

(In no particular order)

Mohzy USB Cable

Mohzy Loop USB Cable (Php795)
The Mohzy Loop USB Cable is “THE USB cable”. It’s like the Neo (Matrix) of USB cables. It looks awesome and it can work for charging and data transfer for both iOS and micro-USB devices.

The "honorable" Huawei Honor

Huawei Honor (Php13,999)
When it comes to value for money nothing really comes close to the newly launched Huawei Honor! This Android smartphone (upgradeable to ICS) packs a 1.4GHz processor, 8-MP camera, 4.0-inch screen, and 2-3 day battery life! It still baffles the mind how Huawei can price this baby at just Php13,999. What’s even stranger is why neither Smart or Globe has decided to offer this on their postpaid plans.

GLASt Screen Protector

Spigen SGP GLASt Screen Protector (Php2,600)
Meet the King of Screen Protectors! The GLASt is made from chemically coated tempered glass giving your smartphone unparalleled protection. Models available right now are for the Galaxy Note and the iPhone 4/4S. I heard though that they’ll have something for iPads soon.

Smart Rocket WiFi Plus

Smart Rocket WiFi Plus (Php6,495)
We just can’t leave home anymore without this in our bag. The Smart Rocket WiFi Plus is an Mobile WiFi device that takes advantage of the fast-growing HSPA+ network of SMART. Perfect for people who have tablets, smartphones, and laptops (or a mix of the three) since it can connect up to 5 devices at the same time.

t-JAYS Four: Portable, excellent sound, and durable

t-Jays Four (Php6,699)
It might be pricey but it’s definitely packed with a lot of features. You get excellent sound quality, durability (kevlar cables), in-line microphone with remote control, hard carrying case, and it just looks so cool. For people who don’t want to deal with portable amplifiers connecting to their smartphones for their music, this is the closest you’ll get to really good sound.

My personal favorite - the Crumpler Dry Red No 8

Crumpler Dry Red No 8 (Php4,950)
We’ve tried a lot of laptop and messenger bags already in the last year and we think that the Crumpler Dry Red No 8 is one of the very best in the local market today. It’s priced competitively and it has so much storage compartments that it can easily double as an overnight bag. You can also bring it as either a messenger bag (w strap) or a normal briefcase type. Add to that the protection and stylish design and you have a clear winner.

Speaker that also functions as a stand

Divoom iFit 2 (Php1,750)
The Divoom iFit 2 is a desktop speaker that also works as a stand for your tablet or smartphone. There’s room at the bottom where you can actually put in the cable to charge your device so it functions like a dock.

That’s it for now! If you want to read more about the gadgets above just click the links to be lead to the actual review or feature article. We’d also like to congratulate the brands who made it to this list: Crumpler, Divoom, Huawei, Smart, Jays, Mohzy, and Spigen-SGP.

If you’re wondering why the Nokia Lumias or the new Apple iPad isn’t in the list that’s because they’re not yet officially available in the Philippines. The Lumias should be in the market this April and we’re expecting the new iPad to be in Apple stores sometime in May.


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