Really Good Gifts for your Dad on Father’s Day

Really Good Gifts for your Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we thought it would be good to share with everyone a list of products we would recommend that you buy for your dad. Most of this stuff is at least Php5,000 so if you’re looking for low-budget gifts this isn’t the best article to look at, hehe. Anyway, we’ve divided it up into tablets, speakers, cellphones, and other cool stuff. Just click the link of the specific item if you want to read our review/initial impressions as well as other details. Enjoy!


FoxL V2 Platinum Bluetooth Speakers (Php9,995): Arguably the best portable bluetooth speakers (pound for pound). Also one of the most expensive ones, hehe.

Soundfreaq Sound Stack Bluetooth Speakers (Php4,950): One of the most balanced speakers when it comes to price, sound quality, and features. It’s not everyday you find something as loud and portable as this at this price point. By the way it can also charge your phone, lol.

Divoom Bluetune-2 Speakers: Solid speakers that come in different pretty colors. If your Dad is a little bit on the funky side and he loves music then this is a great gift for him.


New iPad with the Adonit Writer Plus Case
New iPad (Php23,990 and up): Get him this and he’ll give you a ridiculously big smile, hahaha! If he already has an iPad though you might want to get him the Adonit Writer Plus Case (Php4,990).

Bmorn V99 (Php11,000): Thinking of getting him an affordable Android tablet where he can browse the web, check e-mail, and just watch his movies? You might want to check out the Bmorn V99.

BlackBerry PlayBook (Php10,990 and up): If your Dad is still rocking a BlackBerry smartphone then this is one of the best gifts you can give him. He can easily tether his internet connection to this tablet and do all of his stuff here. Also a great media player and easy to stuff in the bag. Doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty affordable to get one now these days too! 🙂

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (Php32,990): The sezziest and slickest looking Android tablet in the market today. This is also scheduled to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich soon so that’s definitely going to make the experience smoother.


Nokia Lumia 610 (php10,980): If your Dad is still using feature phones then the Nokia Lumia 610 would make for a great first smartphone for him. Not only does this thing look great but it also delivers on all the core functions of a smartphone flawlessly. Transitioning your Dad from a feature phone to a smartphone will open him up to social networking though so expect him to follow you on Twitter. 😛

Huawei Honor (Php13,999): Long battery life, good price, runs Android beautifully, and looks solid. This is also due for an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich anytime soon.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (No Cash Out at Plan 2,000 from Smart, Php32,990 if from Samsung): Absolutely the best Android smartphone in the market today. Amazing camera, insanely fast, buttery smooth, and tons of accessories. You just will have to spend time teaching your Dad how it all works so that he maximizes it and actually appreciates how good this thing really is, lol. Or… you can get him that Lumia 610 and you can get this for yourself… Bwahaha! 😛

Other Cool Stuff

Blaupunkt Comfort 112 Noise Canceling Headphones (Php8,950): Is your dad always out of the country on trips? If yes then you should seriously consider getting him noise canceling headphones. This will make his life much better especially if he’s always riding planes.

Swiftpoint Mouse (Php4,500): Again this is another perfect gift if your Dad travels a lot. This is by far the most portable and at the same time ergonomic mouse there is in the market today. I personally use this myself and swear on how good it is. 🙂

Smart Rocket WiFi Plus (Php6,495): WiFi anywhere, anytime (as long as you have signal and load, hehe). The Rocket WiFi Plus can power up to five devices so this can give internet connection to your Dad’s laptop, cellphone, and tablet.

Crumpler Dry Red No. 8 (Php4,950): A great Crumpler bag for professionals and executives.

MiLi Power Prince (Php4,800): I strongly suggest that everyone (as in everyone) who owns smartphones to have a mobile charger in their bags. It’s great for emergencies. If your Dad doesn’t have one yet then now is the best time to get him one. Not only will he like it but your Mother will probably love it too since he will always have battery now when she needs to call him, lol.

Marshall Major Headphones (Php4,700): If your Dad is a rocker and even plays the guitar then he’s definitely familiar with the brand Marshall. Get him this headphones and he’ll definitely take a stroll down memory lane and relive his rocker days.

The best gift

(Free): Tell him that you’re proud of him, that you love him, and that you are very thankful that he raised you well. 🙂 Watch this video —

Advanced Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads reading this! 🙂

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