Time To Escape Binance? 3 Billion USD Withdrawn In 24 Hours

Once and still known as one of the, if not the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world, Binance has just experienced $ 3 billion USD in withdrawals within the same day. That’s an unprecedented record amount that has definitely shaken up quite a number of the platform’s investors. Here are the details and what […]

Best Digital Bank In The Philippines (2022)

During the first half of the year, the volume and value of electronic payments and financial services processed through digital banks reached 1.4 million transactions and P8.45 billion, respectively. Digital Banks have flourished in the Philippines thanks partly to the restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic, but mostly because of their convenience. Unlike traditional banks, […]

Maya Makes Settling Remittances from Western Union Easier

Do you have to settle your remittances from Western Union? Doing so is made easier, as Maya announced that you can claim your Western Union remittances from 200 different countries–right at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is to ask the sender to cash in the funds to your Maya App […]

Manulife Explores The Digitalization Of The Modern Filipino Family

Manulife Philippines, in its constant pursuit of improving quality of life, recently completed a study on the Digitalization of the Filipino Family. This holds especially true in the New Normal when our consumption habits have changed drastically and our reliance on tech has exponentially risen. What major discoveries were uncovered here? Filipino Parents Flourish In […]

Blockchain linked to Binance Hit by $570 Million Hacking Incident

One of the dangers of cryptocurrency is that there’s no guarantee that your money will be safe after hacking incidents like what happened to Axie Infinity back in March. The latest to fall victim to hacking was Binance, where their blockchain network BNB Smart Chain lost two million BNB crypto tokens to hackers. Issued by […]

Maya Cited as One of the Most Promising Global Fintech Firms

As it continues to grow as a Fintech platform, Maya was recently cited by CB Insights as among the 250 most promising private Fintech companies for 2022. The citation under CB Insight’s Fintech 250 is prestigious, as Maya joins several global Fintech companies that include digital banks Revolut and N26, PayPal-backed payment processor Stripe, merchant […]

Alternative Investments Take Center Stage at Unbox Success 2022

What better way to learn investing and building wealth than to hear it first-hand from the experts? This is what the Unbox Success 2022 is all about. Thousand of attendees were in for a treat as the industry experts fill their day with thought-provoking ideas. The event revolved on collectibles, real estate, NFTs, crypto, and […]

Scan ‘Em All: Maya Now Supports AUB, GCash, Metrobank, and Unionbank QR Ph Codes

Need to do payments that involve QR codes from AUB, Metrobank, GCash, and Unionbank? Worry no more, as Maya now supports the QR codes from these banks and e-wallets, making it more convenient to pay via QR at your favorite store. The expanded support is made possible with QR Ph, which is launched by the […]

Kasalanan Daw ng Pinoy: Lodicoin Loses 99% of its Value After Launch

While cryptocurrency still a thing up to now, one should be very aware of what crypto coins they are investing in. Some may give really good returns, while some can practically scam all of your savings. This appears to be the case with Lodicoin, where it lost 98% of its token value after launching yesterday […]

Maya Makes 9.9 Shopping More Exciting with its Bitcoin Promo

If you are looking for a great way to maximize your shopping this 9.9 sale, Maya will make things fun for you through its Bitcoin promo. Whether you pay with Maya via Number, Card, or QR, you can get double the rewards when shopping for the best discounts and deals. Purchasing via Maya partner stores around […]

Yes, You Can Win Bitcoin from Maya!

The cat’s finally out of the bag: after we received reports of Maya users receiving Bitcoin for free, it turns out that the Wallet platform has something big in store for its users. How big? Let’s just say that Maya users actually have the chance to win Bitcoin! To recap, there were multiple billboards across […]

NVIDIA GPU Prices May Drop Significantly Due To Oversupply

Following a huge rise in GPU prices during the pandemic, these cards were selling like hotcakes. So much so that retailers made sure to ride this wave by selling these at twice, thrice, or sometimes even four times the MSRP. It appears now that most people have finished their WFH builds and disassembled their mining […]