Unbox 2014 Gadget Awards: Best Flagship (International) – LG G3

Among all the flagship devices out in the market today we believe that the LG G3 has the best hardware design philosophy in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics. It manages to slightly edge out competition on the merit of the hardware design (the display is just gorgeous and the build is so unique). Flagship Smartphone […]

Unbox 2014 Gadget Awards: Smartphone of the Year – Zenfone 5

ASUS definitely has a winner with the Zenfone 5. While it does suffer from its fair share of performance issues, it’s still a great Android smartphone. Starting at Php 6495, it’s definitely “sulit” considering its overall performance, build quality and Pixel Master camera   Specs Aren’t Everything ASUS’ Zenfone 5 isn’t the fastest, nor the most […]

Unbox 2014 Gadget Awards: Best Flagship (Local) – Starmobile Knight X

Judging from the spec sheet of the device, it seems that the company had one goal in mind with the device: offer the fastest, no compromise device they possibly could, and it seems that they’ve succeeded with the Knight X. The Most Advanced Local Flagship Love them or hate them, Starmobile has a knack for […]

Unbox 2014 Gadget Awards: Best Bang For Your Buck (Local) – Cherry Mobile Flare 3

We know we like to throw around the phrase gamechanger a lot in Unbox, but the Flare 3 truly is one of the few phones that manage to be the very definition of that phrase. A Real Game Changer Bang-for-the-buck and Cherry Mobile go hand-in-hand, so it’s probably no surprise that the company’s Flare 3 […]

5 Most Affordable Octa-core Smartphones in the Philippines

Want a powerful smartphone but are on a tight budget? At the start of 2014 the most affordable octa-core smartphone cost more than Php 10,000. We knew the price of octa-core smartphones would go down as time went by, but who knew we’d get octa-core smartphones for less than 5K a year later? Today we’ll […]

5 Trends That Defined the Local Market This Year

We’ve seen so many advancements in the local smartphone market this year, in terms of both price and hardware. It’s really amazing how much the local brand landscape has changed in twelve months. Let’s look back at the trends that defined the local market this 2014 : The octa-core wars One of the biggest tech […]

New Redmi 1S with Dual LTE Coming in Jan. 4

A new variant of the Redmi 1S is coming! We all know that Xiaomi will be releasing a new flagship on January, but that’s not the only device the company is releasing. According to Gizchina, they’ll also be offering a dual-LTE version of the Redmi 1S. The internals have been overhauled with Qualcomm’s new 64-bit […]

Why Are There So Many Affordable, Bang for the Buck Smartphones in China?

And why aren’t they being sold here? You’ve seen us post about ultra bang-for-your-buck devices being sold in mainland China, and many of you have been salivating at the thought of owning a sub-10K smartphone that has LTE on board, though sadly, very few of them will actually make their way here in the PH, and […]

ASUS Goes After the Redmi 1S With Their Pegasus X002

Will ASUS offer this smartphone here? China is the current battlefield for the ultra-affordable, high spec devices that was pioneered by Xiaomi, and Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS has decided to throw in their hat in the ring with the Pegasus X002. If you thought that this new phone is part of the company’s Zenfone lineup, you’d […]

Huawei Honor 4X Hands-on: Affordable LTE

We go hands-on with the Honor 4X! While there has been several affordable LTE equipped smartphones from local brands, there hasn’t been a lot of the same devices from international brands. That’s all about to change with Huawei’s game changing Honor 4X. The Honor 4X is an affordable LTE smartphone from Chinese brand Huawei under […]

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Hands-on, First Impressions: Shooting to Replace the SLR

We go hands-on with the Honor 6 Plus! Today, we literally froze our butts off to witness the official unveiling of the Honor 6 Plus, the company’s newest flagship under their Honor lineup. The Honor 6 Plus has plenty of good things going for it, least of which is its stellar price. The Honor 6 […]

Huawei’s Releasing an Even Cheaper Kirin-powered Version of the Honor 4X

Check out this really affordable variant of the Honor 4X Remember the Honor 4X? That affordable 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 equipped device from Huawei? It seems that the company is making another version of that phone, this time bearing their own Kirin 620 SoC. The kicker here is since Huawei makes the Kirin SoC, they […]