Cherry Mobile Action Camera Review: Action Cam For The Masses?

Cherry Mobile Action Camera Review: Action Cam For The Masses?

Cherry Mobile Action Cam 13

We review Cherry Mobile’s Action Camera!

If you though Cherry Mobile’s product lineup couldn’t get more diverse, the company introduced their first action camera at the beginning of the month during it’s dealer night celebration. Dubbed as the Cherry Mobile Action Camera, the rugged shooter promised to give thrillseekers on a budget a way to record their adventures on the cheap. We’ve been using the Cherry Action Camera, and while it does have its faults, its more than worth the scant Php 3,999 that Cherry Mobile is asking for it.

Cherry Mobile Action Cam 01

Looks like an SJCAM and uses its accessories

Designs for action cameras don’t really diverge from one manufacturer to another, and Cherry Mobile’s offering is no exception. It kind of resembles Xiaomi’s Yi Action camera at first glance, though you’ll quickly discover that there’s a lot of things that set the Cherry Action Camera apart from the offering of the Chinese company.

Cherry Mobile Action Cam 02

There’s a plethora of buttons and ports scattered in the camera’s body. Up front is the power button, which also serves as the button to switch modes from shooting video, photos, reviewing whatever you’ve shot so far and accessing the settings on the camera itself.

Cherry Mobile Action Cam 05

One side of the camera has rockers that control the zoom of the camera as well as the WiFI functionality. On the opposite side you’ll see the micro USB port, microSD card slot and the micro HDMI port.

Cherry Mobile Action Cam 07

On the top of the device you’ll see the button that starts/stops recording and takes photos. The back of the camera has the 2-inch LCD display. The addition of the display allows you to see what the camera is pointing at without using a separate phone app (more on this later). Finally, no more terrible angles on bikes.

Cherry Mobile Action Cam 09

You’ve probably seen our unboxing of the Cherry Action Cam before, and you’re already aware that this thing comes with a TON of accessories. All that you can ever want is there, from the essential water-resistant case (that’s rated up to 30 meters) to the super awesome bike mount and bare frame.


IF you don’t think that’s enough, you’ll be happy to know that Cherry Action Cam is fully compatible with SJCAM arms and mounts, which is widely available in multiple stores.

Cherry Mobile Action Cam 10

Navigating through the camera isn’t the easiest task in the world, though you do get used to it after a while. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of settings to tweak – you can change the resolution on video (HD, HD 60 FPS, full HD) and photos, put in a timer, date stamps and time lapse but other than that, there’s not a whole lot of things you can do.

The app that comes with the camera (that’s available for both Android and iOS) gives you the ability to change white balance, but that’s about it as far as tweaks go. Of course, you can control the camera remotely with the app, as well as shoot both video and photos without having to press the buttons on the camera itself. Nifty.

Taken outdoors
Taken outdoors
Angono Petroglyphs
Angono Petroglyphs
Taken indoors, with dim lighting
Taken indoors, with dim lighting

Cherry Mobile Action Cam 15

Performance that’s good enough for most people

As far as actual performance goes, it’s a mixed bag. Photos taken with the camera are okay, but there’s definitely lost detail in photos, especially in areas that didn’t have a lot of available light. Photos are good enough to be uploaded to Facebook, but just barely.

Things take a bit of a different turn in the video quality department. We actually used two Cherry Action cams in our Mazda MX5 video (one situated behind the driver, one attached to the undercarriage of the lead vehicle) and the videos actually came out pretty good. Check it out:

The Cherry Action Cam has a 1000mAh battery which isn’t much – we managed to get a battery life of around an hour and a half, though your battery life will be dependant on several factors including keeping the WiFi connection on. The camera can pull double duty as a dashcam too – there’s a 5 minute setting on the camera that allows it to shoot in 5-minute increments, and the camera can be charged while it’s recording video via a power bank.

Cherry Mobile Action Cam 11

Verdict: a good entry-level action cam for most people

While the Cherry Action Cam has its share of faults, there’s no denying it’s a good camera for the price. It’s one of the more fully loaded action cameras in the market in terms of sheer number of accessories offered, and its video quality is nothing to scoff at, even if still image quality falls a little flat on its face. The accessibility of its accessories, as well as the mounts for the device make it one of the more versatile budget action cameras to date.



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