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Peak Design Everyday Messenger Review: A Great Bag That’s Incredibly Designed

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 04

A Kickstarter project that received millions of backers worldwide

This is the record holder for the most crowdfunded bag on Kickstarter. It was such a success that it exceeded its $100,000 target and reached almost $5M pledges. Having it for about a day now, we really appreciate and understand how this bag is beautiful and extremely well engineered.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 10

Plenty of thought put into the design and construction

It has 22 Panels of foam and 500D Kodra that is waxed and DWR coated. This ensures the bag is well protected, lightweight and weatherproof.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 09

The bottom is wrapped with rubber so you can place it even on wet surfaces, plus it keeps the bag from tipping over. That’s essential you’re lugging your photography gear – which is what this bag was primarily made for – or just about anything actually, so no need to worry.

Aircraft seat-belt strap
Aircraft seat-belt strap
Easy slide system
Easy slide system
Comfortable, movable pad
Comfortable, movable pad
Non-slip reversible option
Non-slip reversible option

Switching between carrying styles is easy. Slide, unhook, flip or remove. Use it as a shoulder bag, long messenger, bike messenger or briefcase, it’s up to you. That carrying handle is aluminum reinforced by the way, so you can load a bunch of bricks in the bag and it still won’t give (we don’t recommend that you try that though, for your arm’s sake).

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 08

For added support, you can find stabilizer straps tucked in the sides to wrap around your waist or beneath the carry shoulder. And did you notice how cool the hooks are? That’s because all hardware pieces are made of custom anodized aluminium. Look close enough and you’ll see the small PD logo engraved.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 11

The closure system is one-of-a-kind. Its Mag-Latch system that has 4 anchor points so you can collapse and close the bag if you’re not carrying that much or expand if you need to carry more.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 16

These guys weren’t satisfied with a plain magnet, buckle, button or any other existing tech, they had one custom-made just to close the bag.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 12

As an alternative, you can always use the top weatherproof zipper portion. Oh yeah, all zippers are hyphalon reinforced so you know they’ll last.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13

The spacious interior of the bag features soft and durable mixed twill. There is a slip pocket for smaller items, and on the flap there’s a zipper to keep your other items more secure. And for the photographers, who probably know this already, there’s is a slot behind the Peak design logo that you can run a tripod leg in. Maybe a selfie stick or some drumsticks or some candy bars you’re not supposed to eat can go in there too.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 14

The front compartment has 8 sub-pockets made of mesh. Half-stitched green and the other red, so it’s easy for you to sort out your drained batteries from the fresh ones, almost full memory/SD cards, etc. They really made sense of the materials down to the stitching!

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 07

The bag comes with 3 FlexFold, origami style dividers. This is so you can customise your compartments with their non-degrading, pattern stitched velcro.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 06

Bag organisers are normally square or rectangular, but if you insert round things like lenses or water bottles, there’s a lot of negative space as they call it. Bring your camera, office stuff, headphones, shades, portable speakers and you’d still have room to put your lunch or sneak in a bottle of alcohol if you feel like it.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 05
At the back you have a dedicated, padded compartment that can fit up to a 15” laptop. It has an inner pocket for your tablet too, plus some pen slots on either end. This special section is very helpful especially if you use this as a carry-on and you need to go through airport scanners.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 15

Towards the side, which you’d think would run out of things to do with, lies a secret pocket plus a strap that you can attach your keys or small items. That diagonal strip is also EVA reinforced for Peak Design’s Capture system (not included) to clip your cameras, lenses or binoculars.

We should invest in bags like these and hopefully companies make more like ‘em

If you’re willing to spend money on expensive equipment, it doesn’t make sense to put them in a flimsy bag and risk them getting damaged. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this bag isn’t cheap. But trust us, with the amount of engineering and design put into this, it’s more than worth it. Peak Designs have done an amazing job with this and we can’t wait for what they’ll do next.

Bag Specs: 17in x 12in x 7in : 13.5L to 20.5L : 18+ Pockets



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