Honda Click 125i First Ride: Sporty, Fuel-Efficient Scooter

Honda Click 125i First Ride: Sporty, Fuel-Efficient Scooter


We take Honda’s Click 125i for a test drive!

A few days before their official launch on February 21, Honda brought us over to their Safety Driving Center in Parañaque for a look at the newest addition to their successful lineup of scooters, the Click125i, and invited us to join the revolution. But, what does the Click 125i have to offer? Let’s take quick look at some of its specs to find out.

  • Engine Type 4-Stroke, SOHC – 2 Valve, Liquid Cooled
  • Displacement 124.8 CC
  • Transmission A/T – CVT
  • Max. Power 8.40 kW @ 8500 RPM
  • Max. Torque 11.16 Nm @ 6,500 RPM
  • Fuel Capacity 5.5 Liters
  • Curb Weight 110 KG
  • Ground Clearance 135 MM

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Fuel Efficient and Even Lower Emissions

One thing we know and love about these two-wheeled vehicles that have seemingly taken over our streets is that they are extremely fuel efficient with their much smaller fuel capacity having the ability to go distance, but Honda pushed the boundaries even more with the Click 125i. At the heart of this scooter is a Honda Smart Technology 125CC engine equipped with PGC-Fi system that provides cleaner combustion and lower friction so that the engine can run at optimum efficiency for a smoother ride; the same engine in their Zoomer X model.


The game changer here, however, is Honda’s introduction of an Idling Stop System. This allows the engine to automatically shutdown if it remains idle for more than 3 seconds; perfect for those nights where you can’t zigzag through the sea of red taillights in Metro Manila.


Safer Ride with its Combi Brake System

Safety is incredibly important when riding on any motorcycle and we’ve had our share of spills in the past. One of the causes of major spills, aside from straight up negligence, is having to stop on a dime in an emergency situation. Most motorbikes have the front brake on one handle and the rear on the other; but, in an emergency situation more often than not, you just grab hold of both and pray you stop in time. Grab the handle for the front brake, however, and you increase the chances of flipping over your handlebars and end up nursing an injury.


The Combi Brake Systems equipped in the Click 125i allows for an even distribution of brake force in front and rear wheels to give the rider more control, which could mean the difference between a trip to the hospital or simply giving off a huge sigh of relief as you wipe nervous sweat from your brow.

Modders will find comfort to know that Click 125i already comes with LED headlights for better illumination during night time rides and sleek-looking instrumentation with high quality LCD display means that riders can immediately get the information they need and spend more time looking at the road.


Awesome Design and Great Functionality

Honda showed us the inspiration for the design of the Click 125i. It was an aircraft much like the Avengers rode to get to SHIELD’s Helicarier and it definitely translated well. It’s clean lines will definitely turn heads amongst scooter enthusiast all over the Metro.


One of the things we noticed immediately, especially on the Pearl Horizon White variant, was the shape of the seat. More than styling, it allows for a bigger utility box for riders to store their helmets and other personal belongings with ease.


Initial Impressions

We were able to take the Click 125i around Honda’s track for about 5 minutes where we were allowed to test its power and some of the features that they highlighted during their presentation. It’s 125CC engine was still purring despite it having to lug around our 210-lb frame with power to spare and while we felt confident that the Combi Brake System had our back when we needed it, we weren’t going to risk going full tilt to test it out. Luckily some of the guys at Honda were eager to show us and it was definitely impressive to see its braking power without having to experience it for ourselves. The Idling Stop System kicked in, as expected, when we were asked to come to a full stop and it took less than a second to jump back into action after a light coaxing from the throttle.

All-in-all, the Click 125i is a solid scooter for the uninitiated and long time riders looking for a sweeter ride alike. The convenience of having an automatic transmission, coupled with a reliable engine that will help you pinch precious gas money and an additional safety measure with its Combi Brake System makes it easy for us to give a thumbs to the newest addition to Honda’s scooter line.



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