A Closer Look At Starmobile’s Knight Luxe

A Closer Look At Starmobile’s Knight Luxe

Starmobile Knight Luxe

Wondering what makes the Knight Luxe tick?

We attended a small gathering earlier today where Starmobile officially unveiled their latest handset, the Knight Luxe. The Knight Luxe is possibly one of their nicest looking phones to date, though it’s not as spec heavy as their current flagship, the Knight X. There is a method to the madness though – Elijah Mendoza, product marketing manager took us through what the Knight Luxe is and isn’t, and gave us a short tour of the device below:

Elijah also told us that they’re aware of the current crop of bang for the buck devices from international brands and are readying their own contender for release soon. We’re hoping that Starmobile follows through with their promise, after all, local brands are supposed to give us cheaper alternatives to international phones, right?



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