Huawei has Massive 70% Growth in Tablet Market for Q1 2024

Huawei has Massive 70% Growth in Tablet Market for Q1 2024

While the demand for tablets is not as big as during the pandemic, Canalys reports that tablet shipments have increased for Q1 2024, and Huawei is the biggest winner with a massive 70.2% annual growth compared to the previous period.

Looking at Canalys’ data on tablet shipments, the last time it experienced an increase was in Q4 2022. This was also the period where Apple completed its USB-C transition with tablets through the 10th generation iPad, along with the M2 iPad Pro–where the larger 12.9-inch model gets a Mini LED display.


As for market share, Huawei was able to overtake Lenovo and Amazon to take third place thanks to several noteworthy tablet releases in the first quarter of 2024. These include the MatePad Pro 13.2, which is Huawei’s biggest tablet to date and the first Kirin-powered device that was made available globally in the last few years.

The first quarter of 2024 also includes the global debut of the MatePad 11.5 PaperMatte, which has a matte display that gives a paper-like feel that’s unique among mainstream tablets.

Apple may have experienced a slump in annual growth for the first quarter of 2024, but expect a big comeback from the brand as they are set to unveil their 2024 line of iPads on May 8 (Philippine time). 



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